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Australian Citizenship Application Processing Time has Reduced Significantly, Says Immigration Minister

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 12, Oct 2018

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Australia along with Canada is the top immigration destination today, especially in view of the present immigration scenario in mighty USA and UK, who were the top immigration choices of yester years. Hence, any positive immigration news in these countries is celebrated by most of the immigration applicants and aspirants across the globe.

Now adding to such positive news, David Coleman- the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Australia has confirm that the government has significantly improved the citizenship application processing time in last few months. Let's find more about this statement from the government.

Citizenship Application Processing Time has improved considerably

As per David Coleman, the Australian citizenship application processing time has reduced significantly as the department has employed more resources for the same. The step has been taken in view of the mounting backlog of applications and intensifying criticism as a result. Coleman has took charge as Immigration Minister, after Peter Dutton- the Home Affairs Minister stepped down from the position last month.

Speaking to the media about the improved processing time, Mr. Coleman said, "We have seen in the last couple of months this financial year some significant increases in the processing of applications with citizenship applications in the first two months of this financial year- in July and August we saw about 21,000 approvals compared to about 9000 last year,"

As per the minister, the department has employed additional resources, i.e. about 150 people to process applications faster. He also claimed that the processing time for some key visas, i.e. economic visa and student visa has also reduced.

Expected Citizenship Rule Change

The government has been under scanner in the past for tightening the citizenship process requirements. However, now the department plans to give some sort of relaxation to the Australian citizenship applicants. The government is likely to introduce 'conversational English' test instead of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as part of citizenship process requirement.

As per the Minister for Citizenship, government is in process to take apt advice about an English test as well as for the waiting period for permanent residents before they can apply for citizenship.

Australia is still one of the best countries to get PR and Citizenship

Despite some strict immigration rules announced and implemented by the government of Australia in last few months, it is still the top choice for immigration and permanent residency for the applicants. Most of Australian cities ranks top on many parameters of human living.

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