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Australia Welcomed Record 8 million visitors in 12 months

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 19, Nov 2016

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A record number of people visited in Australia in 12 months, as per the recent official statistics of Australia. As per the reports, 8 million tourists visited Australia in 12 months to September 2016.

As per Australian Bureau of Statistics, its the first time Australia has recorded such huge number of tourists. Since long the number of visitors to Australia remained under 5 million, however, from 2013, the number of international terrorists in the country is consistently rising with every passing year, i.e. six, seven, and now eight million mark has been achived.

Rise of 11.1% is recorded in the number of visitors to Australia compared to last year

Australia recorded total of 8.07 million international tourists in a year that ends September, 2016 with a rise of 11.1%. (i.e. additional 807,000 visitors) compared to last year.

If we see number of visitors from each country, China is right up there with 21.1 percent visitors with a rise of 15.3 percent. Talking about the highest percentage surge, South Korea leads the tally with the increase of 29.2 percent. The countries that follow the list are USA with 22% rise and India with the increase of 18.6 percent for the year ending in September, 2016.

The Investment in the Tourism Industry has paid off

The Investment in the Australian Tourism Industry has actually paid off says Steven Cobb, the Minister for Tourism in Australia. As per him record $639 million were invested in Tourism Australia to endorse Australia globally.

The key factors that contributed in the rise of number of tourists in Australia

The key factors that contributed significantly to the huge upsurge in the number of international tourists are Online Visa application in Chinese language (other than English), enhanced international air capacity (especially between Australia and china which has been tripled), etc.

Moreover, enhancement in the number of markets for access to online lodgments has also helped a great deal as it was raised to 200 from 72. This includes the countries, i.e. India, Indonesia, and China.

As per Cobb, the Prime Minister of Australia and President of China have together designated year 2017 as the Australia-China Year of Tourism in order to further develop our largest tourism industry.

Skilled Immigration is also expected to rise

Apart from the tourists, the number of skilled immigrants is also expected to rise in Australia in the year 2017 in view of Donald Trumps victory in the US presidential elections. The feared Americans have already started looking pathways to move from the US, which is evident from the rise in the traffic on Australian immigration website.

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