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Australia to Provide Quick Visa Service for Indian Citizens

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 11, May 2016

visas default image Australian government is considering the key changes in the Visa Services for the citizens of India and UAE in order to fastback their entry in Australia. This announcement came during the annual budget presentation for 2016-17. The changes to existing visa rules or policy are being considered to enhance the number of investors and visitors in Australia. Hence, keeping this in mind, the Australian government is going to begin the fast track visa services for citizens from India and UAE.

Australia to Fast track Visa Services for India and UAE

As discussed above, with an ambition to enhance the number of visitors and investors in the country, Australia is going to fast track the visa services for nationals from India and UAE. The other key step the government will be taking are to provide three year numerous entry visas to the low risk citizens from Thailand, India, Chile, and Vietnam. Such decisions are likely to enhance the income of about $1.5 million in the coming 4 years.

The government in Australia is Particular about fund policy

The government in Australia is very particular about the fund policy and hence, taking steps to increase the revenue in the coming years through various means, including the Visa and immigration services. As per the government, the proposed plans regarding developing automation in visa processing, providing self service option, and making use of extra sophisticated abilities of evaluation are going to save close to $180 million in the next three years. As per the government, the budget this year is focused to support small and medium entities, responsible for increasing employment rate in Australia.

The Passport fee will also be increased

The government is implement new cost for the passport from January, 2017. The new cost for passport would be increased by $10 for children and $20 for matures. The priority processing fee for passport will also get increased by $54. This step will raise around $172.9 million in coming 4 years for the government of Australia. It will also help government to offer better facilities and services along with supporting the fund policy.

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