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Australia makes Changes in the Frequency of SkillSelect Invitation Rounds

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 28, Jul 2018

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Australian government has made key changes in the occurrence of the periodic Skilled Select Invitation Rounds. The change will take effect from August 2018 for the two key visa categories, i.e. Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) and Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489). Let's find more details about the vital change announced by Department of Home Affairs, Australia.

SkillSelect Invitation Round will now me once every month

Presently, the SkillSelect Invitation rounds take place twice in a month. However, from August, 2018, the SkillSelect Invitation rounds Skilled - Independent (subclass 189) and Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489) will be held once every month.

As per Department of Home Affairs, the invitation round will take place on 11th day of every month. This will be effective from August 11, 2018. However, it will not affect the overall number of Invites issued every month.

Delay in receiving Invite

The key impact of the new change will be on the time taken for receiving invite for a Subclass 189 visa applicant. Earlier the applicant with high enough immigration point score, used to get the invite within 2 weeks. However, as per the new monthly occurrence of Invitation Round, an applicant even with the good point score, will have to wait for at least a month to get the ITA (Invitation to Apply).

Australia immigration Changes in last few weeks

Australian government has announced and implemented a few key changes in their immigration system and process requirements, etc. Here is the list of key changes in last few weeks.

  • Minimum Points' requirement increased
Australia increased its minimum immigration point requirement for General Skilled Migration (GSM) category visas. Earlier the applicants required to obtain minimum 60 points to qualify as Australia immigration applicant, however, with effect from 1st July, 2018, applicants need minimum 65 points to qualify for GSM category visas.
  • Changes to Skilled Occupation lists

The government keeps updating its high demand skill occupation lists every now and then. Recently, it has made changes to its federal as well as state skilled occupation lists.

As per the recent report, we may see further and final changes in Australia's Skilled Occupation lists for the year.

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