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Australia has launched a Taskforce to safeguard the foreign workers in the country

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 27, Oct 2016

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The government of Australia has launched a taskforce to safeguard the foreign workers against exploitation by the unprincipled employers. In the leadership of Professor Allan Fels, the taskforce will offer the key advice and suggest the steps to protect the foreign workers in the country.

The Taskforce will keep a check on Employers taking advantage of migrant workers

The taskforce will further strengthen the governments efforts to keep a check on the employers trying to take advantage of immigrant workers in Australia. It will ensure improved shelter or security for the workers in the country, said Michaelia Cash- the Minister for employment.

As per Michaelia, the government has taken latest cases in concern, wherein the immigrant workers were exploited at work and underpaid as well. These cases indicated the loopholes in the system to protect such incidents. The government understands that most of the employers in Australia are not questionable, at the same time it cannot accept the exploitation in the workplaces of the country.

Incidents Found where Employers breached the Workplace laws

She further added that the exploitation of immigrant workers is seen across various industries of Australia. In some recent cases it is observed that a few employers are clearly ignorant towards their legal responsibility as per the law in the country.

The exploitation news in certain 7-ELEVEN franchises emphasized on the requirement of added protection for the workers and strong penalties for the employers violating the workplace laws of Australia.

New Taskforce will scrutinize violation of workplace laws & ensure collaboration to stop exploitation

The new taskforce launched by the government will scrutinize the enhancement of 7-ELEVEN in removing the violation or breaches. Moreover, it will also recognize the regulatory and compliance loopholes, responsible for rising incidents of exploitation.

Michaelia confirmed that the new taskforce will also ensure the cooperation among the different agencies in order to root out the exploitation at work. AS per her the immigrant workers play a vital contribution in Australias economy, productivity, and growth and hence its the responsibility of the government to make Australia best place to live, work and study for them.

It is also essential considering the fact that the migrant workers are more vulnerable to exploitive practices in the country. She further confirmed that the steps are now being taken to deal strictly with the employers who underpay the employees or who dont have appropriate employment record.

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