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Australia announces new PR pathway for applicants with Limited English and Semi skills

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 15, Dec 2018

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Australian government has announced two new visa agreements that will allow the employers to sponsor the people for skilled visa, with some relaxations, i.e. limited English and access to some occupations that doesn't come under standard visa arrangements. This new agreement has been designed to lure the newcomers to the regional parts of the country and stop the congestion in the big cities, i.e. Melbourne and Sydney.

New Visa Agreements to promote Regional Migration

David Coleman- the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, has announced the 2 new special visa agreements providing a pathway to PR to immigrant workers wants to move to regional parts of the Oz.The name of this plan is DAMA (Designation Area Migration Agreements)which as of now has been announced for two regional parts of Australia, i.e. Warrnambool region in Victoria and the Northern Territory. Both the regions are facing skill shortage and need the newcomers to meet the shortage.

Scheme Starting in Great South Coast region

This scheme will first start in the Great South Coast region. The region will have a five-year agreement with the Commonwealth, the first to have the one across the country. This agreement shall allow employers in the Victoria and in Northern Territory to take in skilled immigrants under the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (Subclass 482). This visa pathway shall provide the pathways to PR for the visa holders.

What are the benefit to applicants?

This will permit the employers in the region to sponsor skilled immigrants for occupations which are not existing under the standard visa arrangements. The agreement will also provide some relaxations in terms of English language requirements and salary levels. It's the first time DAMA (Designation Area Migration Agreements) if providing the pathway to Australian permanent residency.

After Great South Coast in Victoria entered into the agreement as the first region, the Northern Territory will be the next one to enter in this new five-year agreement possibly at the end of this month.

Skilled People needed for skilled and Semi-Skilled occupation

Both the regions are badly facing the shortage of skilled and talented people in skilled and Semi-Skilled occupations. However, the employers facing shortage require proving that they were unable to fill the vacancies as didn't find suitable Australians for the positions. The federal government at now is very much in support of the regional areas, which are unable to fill the positions due to unavailability of skilled and suitable Australians in these regions.

It's an All Win Situation

It will be an all win situation for both new immigrants as well as for the government of Australia. The newcomers will find permanent residency pathways with some key relaxations for the applicants, on the other hand the government will be able to select the skilled and talented new immigrants to meet the skill shortage in the regional parts of the country.

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