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Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide - 3 cities of Australia features in the Global Index of Top 10 Liveable Cities

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 12, Sep 2019

visas default image Australia's three top cities, i.e. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide has been ranked among the top 10 liveable cities in the world as per the Global Liveability Index 2019. The other major cities of Australia ranks at 14th position in this liveability survey done on 140 countries. Australia is considered one of the best countries in the world to live, work and settle, and hence, the current liveability ranking of Australian cities is no surprise. Let's find out more about the global ranking of top Australian cities.

Australian Cities Ranks top on Global Liveability Index

The 2019 Global Liveability Index survey has assessed the 140 countries on various parameters to given them the appropriate ranking at world level. Here it the list of top 10 countries in this list.
  1. Vienna, Austria (99.1)
  2. Melbourne, Australia (98.4)
  3. Sydney, Australia (98.1)
  4. Osaka, Japan (97.7)
  5. Calgary, Canada (97.5)
  6. Vancouver, Canada (97.3)
  7. Toronto, Canada (97.2)
  8. Tokyo, Japan (97.2)
  9. Copenhagen, Denmark (96.8)
  10. Adelaide, Australia (96.6)
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Liveability parameters

Here are the key parameters of public service and lifestyle, based on which this ranking has been given:
  • Stability-This parameter includes evaluation of crime rates, the threat of terrorism and military conflict in a particular city
  • Healthcare-It comprise both availability and quality of private and public health services
  • Culture and environment-this parameter includes the climate, sport, recreational activities as well as level of corruption and censorship
  • Education-This comprise both availability and quality of education services
  • Infrastructure-This key parameter comprise the quality of road networks, public transport, water and energy and the accessibility of quality housing and accommodation along with the telecommunications

How Australian cities score on key parameters

Find below, as to how Australia's most liveable cities score based on key parameters, i.e. Stability, culture and environment, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure.
  • Perth ranks at number 14 among the top liveable cities of the world. Though it's not in top 10, however, it is still a decent ranking. Moreover,Perth scored considerably well in all 5 of the index categories and got perfect scores of 100 for Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure. It also got score of 95 for Stability and 88.7 for Culture and Environment. Perth's total score was 96 out of 100.
  • Adelaide has obtained no.10 position with a total score of 96.6. It acquired perfect score of 100 for Healthcare and Education. The city got 95 for Stability and 94.2 points for Culture and Education.
  • Sydney-the other popular city of Australia grabbed No.3 position on liveable index with a total score of 98.1. It obtained perfect scores for Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure as well as 95 for Stability and 97.2 for Culture and Environment.
  • Melbourne is the highest ranked Australian city on the Global Liveability index. It almost levelled the score of Vienna for the top position with a total score of 98.4 points. It had the point difference of only 0.7 points from the number 1 liveable city. Melbourne acquired the perfect scores for Stability, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure and got 96.3 for Culture and Environment.

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