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Duolingo English Test- Everything you Want to Know

What is Duolingo Test? 

The Duolingo exam is a popular and reputed English test to determine the proficiency level of the applicant, willing to move to an English-speaking country. Like any other language proficiency test, it assesses the four main language abilities of the student, i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is a computer-based online test, which you can attempt anytime from any part of the globe. 

The Duolingo Test is computer-adaptive, which implies, with every correct response the challenge level keeps increasing. If your answer is incorrect, the next question will be comparatively easier. You have the liberty to select the advanced test version, wherein you can choose for the 10-minute interview and record your responses for all the open-ended questions.

Key Facts about Duolingo exam

Find below some key facts about the Duolingo English Test -: 

  1. This a globally recognized test accepted by over 1,000 universities all over the world.  
  2. This particular test is for applicants registering for undergraduate programs in US.
  3. The fee for exam is relatively low and reasonable.
  4. The duration of test about 60 minutes (it includes 10-minute interview), which is less than any other test
  5. You have option of taking mock tests to prepare for the test.

Content List

  1. Significance of the Duolingo Exam?
  2. Eligibility for Duolingo Exam:
  3. How to Register for the Duolingo test?
  4. Duolingo Exam fee?
  5. Important dates for the Duolingo Exam:
  6. Duolingo Exam Pattern and Syllabus:
  7. Advantages of Duolingo English Test
  8. Process and pattern of Duolingo Test Scoring
  9. Result of the Duolingo Exam
  10. Difference between Duolingo English test vs. IELTS Exam vs. TOEFL
  11. Key tips for Duolingo Exam:
  12. FAQs

What is the Significance of the Duolingo Exam?

The Duolingo English proficiency test meant for international students planning to immigrate to other countries. The Duolingo English Test is reasonable and takes less time compare to other language ability tests, i.e. IELTS and PTE, etc. It test the applicant’s language skills and ability in 4 key aspects, i.e. writing, reading, listening, and speaking. The exam is prepared on-demand to register in numerous universities with the use of AI and DFT (Data Forensics Technology), to make certain that it is transparent and safe for every applicant. 

Eligibility requirements for Duolingo Test

To appear in this exam you do not need any educational documents or transcripts. The process to take the test is hassle-free for the aspirants. If you are eying to enrol in a particular university, do check its language proficiency requirement, before appearing for the exam. Although, there is on age bar, however, having said that, applicants under the age of 13 require getting consent of the parents to apply for the test.

Here are key requirements:

You need to have

  • Your passport, driver's license or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 60 minutes of free time
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer

Your PC must have

  • Windows or macOS
  • A front-facing camera
  • A microphone
  • Speakers

Process to Register for the Duolingo Exam

You can appear for this test from any part of the world, as the Duolingo test is conducted online and via the Duolingo app. In fact, you can take the test straightaway after registration. Find wise the stepwise process you need to follow to register for the test-:  

  • Visit the official website or app of Duolingo
  • Download the app and install it on your system. 
  • You must fulfil/arrange all the settings and requirements in advance, i.e. sitting in a well-lit room with your front camera on. Keep your government ID or passport handy.
  • Check your speaker, microphone, and take your picture. After downloading the application, you will have to fulfil all these requirements.
  • Click on the tab 'Take the test.'
  • Upload the required documents, such as your official ID, to verify your declared information.
  • Hold your ID card and take a picture for identification. Never hold the ID next to your face or tilt it. 
  • Make your account and enter all the accurate information. 
  • Choose what you are interested in. Here are the options- UG University Admissions
  • School building
  • Graduate admissions 
  • Middle or high school admission
  • Applying for a promotion or job
  • None of the above
  • After choosing right, one among the given options, you can create your Duolingo account.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Upon finalizing the payment and above-mentioned steps, you can give the test.

What is Duolingo Exam fee? 

Duolingo exam fees is extremely reasonable than other popular English language tests, i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and more.

  • The fees for the Duolingo exam is $49 (INR 3,791.50) plus the taxes (if applicable), It is relatively low compare to the other tests, which usually cost around INR 15,000 and more.
  • To pay the test fee, you must click on the tab ‘purchase the test' and proceed with the purchase now option.
  • The credit cards, and PayPal, are accepted.
  • After successfully submitting the fees, you will get 90 days to complete the test or it will expire.

Essential dates for the Duolingo Exam: 

There is no fix date, for the Duolingo test; in fact, you just need to

  • Open the website,
  • Purchase the test, and
  • Start the exam.
  • Submit all the details required on the website and log in with your initials.
  • You can appear for this test from any part of the world if you fulfil all the requirements.

Duolingo Exam Pattern and Syllabus: 

The Duolingo exam pattern has been designed to help applicants check their skills, abilities and proficiency level in all four abilities of the English language. Find below the overview of the test and the Duolingo exam syllabus-:


Duolingo English Exam

Mode of exam


Sections in exam


Exam Duration

1 hour

Question types

Descriptive and objective

Sections of Duolingo Exam

The English Adaptive Test:  This 45-minute-long categorised section of the English assessment test evaluates the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of the applicant. Various questions merged together keep appearing randomly throughout the exam in this section and scores are provided independently. No question will be repeated in the test. There In this section, there is no limit to the number of questions. The test will finish once your score persuade the grading engine. 

 A few sample questions of Duolingo Exam

  • Find missing letters and complete the sentences. 
  • Record while repeating any given sentence. 
  • Describe the image in writing.
  • hear the words and identify the correct option. 
  • Read the words and recognise the real English ones.
  • Listen and type the sentence. 
  • Write answer in minimum 50 words.
  • Speak your answer to a spoken question. 

Duolingo Video Interview TestAnother key section of the exam is a 10 minutes video interview. This particular section need applicants to answer open-ended questions through recording. You can be asked tell about any situation, image, or topic. 

Points to remember, while responding the video questions- 

  • Make certain that your face is in the frame.
  • you needs to be loud, clear audible, and straightforward.
  • Strategies your answers as per question, and do not muddle the response. 

Advantages of Duolingo English Test

Find below key advantages of the Duolingo English Test:

  • Liberty of giving the test at the convenience of home, however, maximum universities now prefer centre-based test scores
  • Option to take mock tests for practice 
  • The fee is reasonable in comparison to other language proficiency test
  • You can get test result within 48 hours
  • Numerous universities recognize Duolingo test result as an alternative for IELTS/TOEFL

Scoring pattern of Duolingo Test

Calculation or scoring of the test is done on the 10 to 160 scale. The whole score is split in the inclusive and four sub-scores. Take a look:


Learners are apt in writing and speaking the language.

Learners can understand the pragmatic, figurative and idiomatic phrases.


The learner can communicate about new topics which are unknown to him/her.

Learners can clearly understand and interact on both abstract and concrete topics.


Learners can grasp the valuable and main aspects and points related to work or their educational content.

Learners can easily communicate personal details without any hassle.


Learners can identify all of the basic English and phrases.

Learners can articulate the straight given information.

How to Obtain Result of the Duolingo Exam? 

Applicants can obtain Duolingo English test score within 24 to 48 hours of completing the test. The score generally provides details about a candidate, the whole performance, and sub score. The applicants can access the score via the application. You may send the Duolingo test score to the particular university or college as a test-taker.

Find below the process to check your scores-: 

  • Log in to the Duolingo website with login details.
  • enter your registration details and make certain the same is accurate.
  • check your scorecard.
  • Download or print the report if needed. 

What is the different between Duolingo English test vs. IELTS Exam vs PTE test vs. TOEFL

Duolingo, IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL all these globally recognized tests evaluates English language proficiency of the applicants. If you are a student moving to an English speaking country to enrol for higher education, you need to appear for one of these renowned tests to be eligible for admission in that particular country. Here’s the difference between the three tests

IELTS test- British Council and IDP jointly own and manage the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for English proficiency. More than 10,000 academic institutions all over the world accept it. Two main IELTS categories are:

  • IELTS- Academic and
  • IELTS- General

You can also select any form of test, i.e. paper-based tests or computer-based test. It assesses all four abilities of your English skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The duration of IELTS test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Click here to know more…..

PTE- PTE (Personal Test of English) is a popular English language assessment test. It is accepted by most advanced countries for study permit and immigration purpose. Moreover, like IELTS, the PTE test also has 2 categries for students and work visa or immigration applicants. Click here to know more…..

TOEFL- the TOEFL is managed by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) in more than 11,000 universities in over 140 countries. It is taken in two ways-

  • internet-based and
  • paper-based.

The internet-based test takes 3 hours, while the paper-based test is 2 hours and 30 minutes long. The test will assess your all four language abilities, i.e. speaking, listening, writing, and reading. 

Duolingo- Duolingo is one of the most popular and recognized language learning and assessment institution which is accepted in more than 3000 academic institutions across the planet. The Duolingo  English proficiency test has 3 sections, i.e. set-up, adaptive, and virtual interviews. 

Key tips for Duolingo Exam

For Duolingo test, there is no set syllabus or book to obtain higher bands. However, as this test evaluate applicants’ proficiency level based on four different abilities; you can prepare and practice with relevant resources. Find below key tips to help you practice for the Duolingo exam-: 

  • Reading- You must read enough advanced English content, i.e. Newspapers, Novels, magazines, and practice writing and learning new words to enhance your vocabulary.
  • Discussions: Engage yourself in deep discussions with friends, relatives, or any Radom peson fluent in the English language. 
  • Comprehend the pattern: Get a clear understanding of the test syllabus, pattern, and category of questions. 
  • Mock tests- Practice the mock tests accessible on the Duolingo website.
  • Read Blogs: Explore the blog section on the Duolingo website and understand the source materials given.

Can Duolingo English Test Coaching can help boost my score?

If you want to obtain a decent band score, seeking Duolingo Test coaching can help a great deal. Visas Avenue through its vastly experienced English trainers, offer the best English test preparation training for Dueolingo, IELTS and PTE, etc. exams.

To enrol for the classroom or online coaching for the Duolingo test, you may call the expert today on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or you can drop us an e-mail at

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  Which countries accept Duolingo test?

Many esteemed universities across the world support the Duolingo test, i.e. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Ireland, Japan, Qatar, Thailand, Austria, etc. accept the Duolingo test.

Q.  What is a decent Duolingo English test score?

The Duolingo test score is measured on scale of 10 to 160. The score ranging 10 to 55 means that you have a basic level of understanding of language, while a score of 60 to 85 is considered in intermediate category, i.e. you can describe your ambitions, experiences, and plans.

A Duolingo score ranging 90 to 115 ranks as upper intermediate category, i.e. you can easily fulfil most aimbitions, network with others, and talk with proficient speakers. Whereas, a score of 120 to 160 is the advanced score representing you are highly skilled in the English language and able to understand the realistic, vernacular, aspects and use English flexibility. Several universities set their requirements, as above 120. It means this score can open doors to numerous higher educational institutions across the globe.

Q.  How to book a Duolingo exam?

Find below key steps to book Duolingo exam:

  • Visit the official website and create your account mentioning key details, i.e. your email id, age, and password.
  • Choose ‘what are you interested in?’ You need to select from a list of options, and once you choose an option, you are ready to create your account.
  • After creating account, you will be redirected to the registration page. Here you can try the test, buy or take the test.

Q.  What is process to send my Duolingo exam results to institutions?

  • Visit official website and Login to your Duolingo test account,
  • Click on the ‘send result’ tab.
  • Enter relevant university and click on various options given on-screen. You can choose up to 40 universities and subsequently, send your score.
  • You may submit your application id in case any university demands it.
  • Click the send button, and your scores will be sent to the mentioned educational institution.

Q.  Is there any limit of appearing for the Duolingo English test?

There is no limit on appearing for the test; however, you must remember that you can only appear for it twice in 30 days.

Q. What is validity of Duolingo English test?

The Duolingo English test result remain valid for 2 years.

Q. How can I obtain my Duolingo English test certificate?

The Duolingo exam result score is given in the certificate form. You can access it via your Duolingo account and download the same as well.

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