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Quebec Immigration – spouse or comman law partner points

The description with regard to Spouse or Common Law Partner of the applicant has also been given priority in the QSWP Selection system. Up to 17 points can be allocated for this particular criterion.

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Spouse’s Education
Education Level Points
Secondary school general diploma 1 point
Secondary school vocational diploma 2 points
Postsecondary school general diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies 1 points
Postsecondary technical diploma attesting to 1 or 2 years of full-time studies 2 points
Postsecondary technical diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies 3 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 1 year of full-time studies 1 point
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 2 years of full-time studies 2 points
Undergraduate diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies 3 points
Master’s degree attesting to 1 or more years of full-time studies 4 points
Doctorate 4 points
Maximum 4 points


Spouse’s Area of Training
Area of Training Points
Section A of the areas 4 points
Section B of the areas 3 points
Section C of the areas 2 points
Section D of the areas 1 points
Section E, F or G of the areas 0 points
Maximum 4 points


Spouse’s Age
Age Points
18 to 35 years of age 3 points
36 years of age 2 points
37 years of age 2 points
38 years of age 2 points
39 years of age 2 point
40 years of age 1 point
41 years of age 1 point
42 years of age 1 point
43 years of age or older 0
Maximum 3 points


Spouse’s Language Proficiency
French Proficiency Points
Oral interaction 0 Р6 points
Written comprehension 0 points
Maximum 6 points


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