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Move to Canada from India

Moving to a new country is always a huge decision to make for an individual. However, if the immigration destination is Canada not many in India will even think twice before saying yes. There are multiple reasons behind the history of immigration to Canada from India, i.e.

  • Canada is the best country in the world to live as per US News and World Report
  • Canada and India both share cultural relation as thousands of families from India already settled in Canada
  • Canada is an immigrant-friendly country that every year admit over 400,000 new permanent residents
  • Fast growing industries in Canada offers multiple opportunities to young professionals in India in key sectors, i.e. IT, Medical, Engineering, Finance, Sales and administration, Hotel and tourism, etc.

Other key reasons for choosing Canada for immigration are, its high human development index, a strong economy, world-class cities and so on. However, if you are an Indian, you will have some even more reasons to move to Canada. Let us find out why you should move to Canada as an Indian or how it is to be to migrate to Canada from India.

Why should you Move to Canada from India

Well, there are multiple reasons to move to Canada, especially if you are an Indian. Taking a decision to move abroad also depends on some key conditions, such as, your desire, need, desperation, and willingness to move. Let me put it this way, Canada is the land for you if you are looking for the following:

  • Canada offers incredible growth opportunities,
  • High standards of living,
  • Organized immigration system
  • quality education system for your kids at minimum cost, exceptional health care system for your family,
  • a perfect place to raise family and kids,
  • outstanding infrastructure,
  • transportation and facilities,
  • multiple government benefits and services,
  • Many supporting organizations to facilitate induction of new immigrants, etc.

Well, the list of benefits and advantages of living in Canada from India is countless, as today, Canada is one of the best countries to live, work and settle permanently.

Should I move to Canada?

A few aspects make you relaxed as a new migrant, when it comes to moving to from India to Canada, i.e. an entirely new country for you. These aspects include Canada's ancient and cultural relation with India, thousands of Indo- Canadian families and communities, lenient and democratic policies of the Canadian government, good quality of life, excellent growth opportunities, high income, one of the best health care and education systems in the world, etc. Well, if you are an Indian, you must have got enough reasons to move to Canada by now, for sure.

Can I move to Canada?

Well, you definitely can move to Canada, provided you do your preparations right and make the inclusive efforts to move. In other words, you stand a strong chance of immigrating to Canada, if you hold a valid passport; have the right education, experience and language proficiency to earn points in the Canadian Immigration system.

How to move to Canada?

To move to Canada from India, you would need to apply to any of the key Canadian Immigration Programs. Canada has a point-based visa and immigration system, and it provides many immigration programs and visa types to the applicants to apply and get selected. A few standard immigration programs of Canada are, the Federal Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP), PNPs (Provincial Nominee Program) and various other programs depending upon your requirements, type of visit, age, etc., criteria.

What do I need to move to Canada?

Although the procedural requirements depend on the immigration program or visa type you are applying, the essential things you require include valid passport and travel documents, language proficiency certification, credential assessment, sufficient funds to support your stay, and so on. As far as language proficiency certification and credential assessment are concerned, you may get in touch with a local Canadian Immigration Consultant to provide support to get these things done.

Process and requirements to move to Canada.

As mentioned above, the process and requirement usually depend on the immigration programs you are applying. Therefore, we are telling you the procedure of the three most common immigration programs:

Express Entry System: The express entry system has two key steps:

  • Create an online profile on the IRCC website and submit an EOI
  • The IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada) will review your profile and allocate a definite Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to it. If this point score matches the periodic draw requirement, you will receive an ITA (invitation to apply) for PR Visa.

PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs): The PNPs are the immigration programs run by different Canadian provinces to allow applicants to immigrate to their respective provinces. Usually, you need to register your profile on Express Entry or apply for a PNP. Now, apply for the nomination to any of the PNP programs. If a PNP selects your application for the nomination, you will subsequently get additional 600 CRS points in your Express Entry account. The addition of such massive points will ensure that you get ITA for Canadian PR visa from IRCC.

Easy way to go to Canada from India

Well, talking about an easy way to go to Canada from India, I recon the Express Entry and QSWP are the two most straightforward methods to follow for the same. The Express Entry claims to process the application fastest, i.e. six months to one year (although the processing time depends on various other factors). On the other end, the QSWP offers you the Canadian PR without the Canadian Job offer or the EE pool requirement, etc. Therefore, if you plan to migrate to Canada, we recommend you opt for these two methods.

Canada visa application

We have just talked about the complexities of applying to a program and getting selected in the same. You may wonder at it, but filing the visa application is not that easy, especially if you are not doing it under an expert's supervision or assistance. Hence, it is recommended you contact the local Canadian immigration consultant to help you with the necessary visa filing procedure, i.e. form filling with accuracy, attaching key documents, filing the visa and following up with the office for timely approval.

How can the Immigration Consultant help me move to Canada?

A trusted immigration consultant can help multiple ways in your immigration to Canada. You will get to know this once you meet our expert for Canada immigration at Visas Avenue. The Visas Avenue being the prime Immigration Consultancy in India assign you the best Case Managers, who are certified immigration specialists.

An Immigration Consultant helps you apply for the right immigration program and assist you in complete visa filing procedure, i.e. the letter drafting, form filling, documentation assistance, filing the visa application, etc.

Once you get an invitation to file a visa application from the authorities. Hence, to start the whole procedure, you need to fill the free assessment form or call the expert directly on Toll-Free No. – 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, drop an email to us on

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