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Manitoba PNP Occupation in Demand List 2018

Manitoba PNP Occupation list 2018

Manitoba selects the suitable skilled workers and professionals through MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nomine Program) for the employers in the province. However, these skilled workers must have skills and experienced to be able to work in labour market of the province. To identify the capable candidates, Manitoba releases an in demand occupation list as per the Labour Market Information.

The in demand Occupation list of Manitoba includes those occupations, which are largely in demand in province of Manitoba. Some of the occupation in this list are limited to some specific streams of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). This list gets updated on a regular basis.

Find below the list of in demand occupations in Manitoba. The list is subject to change as per the latest status.

Business, finance, and administration occupations

NOC Occupation Title Skill Level Minimum CLB
111 Financial managers* 0 7
112 Human resources managers 0 5
114 Other administrative services managers 0 5
121 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 0 5
122 Banking, credit and other investment managers 0 5
124 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 0 5
1111 Financial auditors and accountants A 7
1112 Financial and investment analysts A 5
1114 Other financial officers A 5
1121 Human resources professionals A 5
1122 Professional occupations in business management consulting A 5
1123 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations A 5
1212 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers B 5
1215 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations B 5
1221 Administrative officers B 5
1223 Human resources and recruitment officers B 5
1224 Property administrators B 5
1241 Administrative assistants B 5
1242 Legal administrative assistants B 5
1251 Court reporters, medical transcriptionists and related occupations B 5
1311 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers B 5

Other in demand occupation categories

  • Natural and applied sciences and related occupations
  • Health Occupations
  • Occupations in social science, education, government service and religion
  • Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport
  • Sales and service occupations
  • Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations
  • Occupations unique to primary industry
  • Occupations unique to processing, manufacturing and utilities
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