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A Preview of Likely Immigration Policy of Canada after Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent pandemic has affected many countries across the world. Many nations have recently changed immigration programs and policies to control and contain the outbreak of Covid-19.

However, Canada is one of those nations, which remain mainly unaffected as far as an immigration program, and policies are concerned. Having said the same, many Canada immigration aspirants are circumspect and want to know how Canada will act and deal with immigration and immigrants after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Canada immigration after Covid-19 Pandemic

Canada is a country with a stable economy and a proficient democratic setup. Hence, it is likely that it will recover soon from the pandemic and the signs of the same are visible already the way the government is easing the containment measures gradually.

Canada's immigration policy

The immigration policy of Canada is likely to remain unaffected by the pandemic. The Immigration Minister of Canada, Mendicino has clearly stated in a recent Q&A session that Canada will continue to invite immigrants, as they are the crucial part of Canada's economy and growth.

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He confirmed that the government has no plans to stop immigration in anyways. On the contrary, the government has plans to ease immigrants and their families' process in the months to come.

Low birth rate and ageing population

Even amidst Coronavirus pandemic, Canada's situation has not changed regarding the demographic and population.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Canada needed Skilled and talented people from overseas to meet its employers and industries' labour market needs. Moreover, even after the pandemic, nothing has changed, as the birth rate is still low, and the ageing population is still asking questions to the government.

Both these issues are more severe in the maple leaf country compared to most other advanced countries. If a combination of both issues continues for a few more years, it will become difficult for Canada.

It will have to bear the increased burden on its healthcare system while producing goods and services will be cumbersome after one decade.

Immigration will be a Key Driver of Economy post-Covid-19

Increasing its workforce is the only solution to deal with the upcoming issues. Moreover, it is only possible if Canada invites enough Skilled and talented people from overseas.

This year, Canada has a target of accepting 4,10,000 new immigrants in 2021. Moreover, by 2022, the Canadian government plans to invite more than one million permanent residents.

The one key aspect of immigrants coming to Canada is their contribution to the different industries, i.e. housing, transportation, telecommunications, clothing, leisure, and other things that ultimately support employment in Canada.

It's why the Canadian government's stand and policy are optimistic about immigration and immigrants, despite the Covid-19 disarray.

Are you planning immigration to Canada this year? Go ahead, as it's the best time.

Immigration to Canada on a PR visa is a multifaceted process. An applicant has to follow one step to follow the process and get the result in his/her favour.

If you start the process today, it is most likely that you land in Canada in 2021 itself, as the whole process takes approximately 8-12 months. The situation will be a lot better and ideal in the maple leaf country by then.

Moreover, less competition now can also help your cause of getting permanent residency in Canada. All you need to do is get assistance from a trusted Visa Advisor and consultant to confirm the latest guidelines/instructions and apply accordingly.

You may start your Canada immigration under Visas Avenue's guidance- the leading Immigration Consultancy Service for Canada. The VA team has a commendable success rate for helping applicants get Canadian PR visa approval.

To confirm your eligibility and begin the process at earliest, you may call Visas Avenue on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777 or fill the free assessment form to get a call from an expert.

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