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How to apply for Canada Spouse Visa?

Canada is the perfect country to settle with family and enjoy high living standards and quality life. The family-sponsored visas are the key highlight of the Canada immigration program.

It allows the permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their eligible family members, i.e. spouse, parents and grandparents, dependent children, etc., to get permanent residency in Canada.

Spousal Sponsorship Program is the most popular Immigration category in Canada. Every year, tens of thousands of people apply for Canada Spouse Visa and obtain the same.

What is Canada Spouse Visa?

The Spousal Sponsorship Program of Canada is a sub-category of the Family Sponsorship Program only.

It allows Canadian permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their spouse or Common-law-partner for Permanent Residency in Canada.

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must authorize the sponsors of Canada Spouse visa (i.e. Canadian Permanent residents and citizens). It ensures the hassle-free visa allocation to the sponsored people.

Who can be a sponsor?

To sponsor the Canadian Spouse visa, make sure you are related to the sponsored person as a,

  • Spouse
  • Common-law Partner
  • Conjugal Partner

Type of Sponsorship

Earlier, there was a concept of Outland Sponsorship and Inland sponsorship, based on the person's (spouse) location, i.e. inside or outside Canada.

However, now there are no two types of sponsorships, as of now, as visa office located in Canada receive and process both outland and inland applications.

The sponsorship fee for Canada Spouse visa

The fee to sponsor a spouse, the partner is approximately $ CAN 1,050, though; overall, the spousal sponsorship process may include the further associated charges as well along with the sponsorship fee.

Processing time of Canada Spouse visa

The approximate processing time of the spousal visa is about 12 months. However, the same may vary based on various linked factors, i.e. accuracy of application and documents, the time elapsed in verification/assessment of the application, time elapsed to respond to any query asked by the visa office, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to be a Sponsor

You can be a sponsor of Spousal category visa provided, elapsed.

  • 18 years or above
  • A permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • Living in Canada (You cannot sponsor someone, if you are a permanent resident living outside of Canada). If you are outside Canada, confirm that, you will live in Canada after sponsoring the spouse.
  • Able to demonstrate that you are not getting any social assistance (apart from disability if any)
  • Able to demonstrate that you can provide basic needs to the sponsored person, i.e. your spouse or partner
  • If you are residing in Canada's Quebec province, you need to fulfil Quebec's conditions for sponsorship.

What are the documents required to apply for Canadian spouse visa?

Here is the list of documents required to apply for Canadian spouse visa:

  • Relationship Proof- As an applicant of this visa, you must provide Proof of your relationship to person sponsoring you
  • Documents of Translation- You need to Provide certified translations if your documents are not in English or French.
  • Need of Police certificates- As an applicant, you need to submit the police certificate from the country your presently live. Submit only when asked.
  • Medical Exam- The medical exams are not required up front with the application; rather, the applicants receive the instructions about submitting the same.
  • Photographs- While applying for this particular visa, you also need to provide 2 photographs with accompanying family member
  • Submit as per the Country- You first need to check your country requirements and according submit the documents required

IELTS Requirement for Canadian Spouse visa

There is no need to provide the IELTS test result to apply for a Spouse visa in Canada. However, suppose the primary applicant wishes to include his/her spouse while submitting the Canada PR application. In that case, he/she can get valuable immigration points for the English proficiency (confirmed through IELTS Test result) of the spouse.

Canada Spouse visa processing time

Well, the processing time of the Canadian Spousal visa depends on the country from where you are applying the same. For example if someone is sponsoring the Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada, i.e. India, the application may take the processing time of 12 months as per the recent changes rule changes in this regard.

Earlier the average processing time for spouses/common-law partners of Canadian citizens & permanent residents in Canada was about 26 months.

Note: The visa processing times explains as to long Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) usually takes to process applications in the past after receiving a complete application from the applicants. However, the processing times may vary, based on how many applications IRCC receives. Your application may also be delayed if it is not complete.

How to apply for Canadian Spouse visa?

The spousal sponsorship application process can be divided in two steps:

  • The Canadian citizen or permanent resident applies to sponsor his or her spouse or common-law partner
  • The spouse or common-law partner applies for permanent residence.

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