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Federal Business Immigration Program for Canada

Canada is one of the most ideal countries that provide overseas immigrants ample opportunities to work, trade, business and study. The transparent government policies, strong economy, interactive communities and people are the key aspects that attract the thousands of immigrants to travel Canada.

Canada Supports the Immigrants with Experience in Business, Trade & Management

If you are looking to do some business or investment in foreign countries, Canada is the best option for you, as it promotes the individuals with experience in Business, trade and Management, who can contribute to the economy and industrial development of Canada.

The Federal Business Immigration Program of Canada has three basic categories:

A.   The Entrepreneur Program: This program is specially designed for the individuals with business experience, who with to establish a business in Canada and likely to create new jobs in the industry. In order to qualify, you would require showing that you have two years of experience in business management in last five years. You would also require declare the net worth of at least CAD$300,000. The applicant such approved would require committing about owning and managing at least one third of the business of a definite size for at least one year within the 3 years time since your arrival.

B.   The Self-Employed Program: This particular program is designed for the immigrants who have the capability to be self-employed in Canada in the occupation, which can contribute significantly to Canadian culture or Canadian Athletics life or the individuals interested in buying and running a farm in Canada. In order to qualify in this program, you would require showing your relevant experience through participation in high level cultural activities or athletics or need to show the experience in farm management as per your details given.

C.   Investor Program: This particular program is for the individuals with experience in business, who can invest at least CAD$400,000 in the economy of Canada and will be guaranteed by the Government of Canada and will be returned without interest after five years. Such investment amount shall be used to boost the Canadian economy and create the jobs. In order to qualify for this program, you need to show at least two years of experience in business management in last five years and should at least have the net worth of CAD$800,000 and you are ready to make the investment of CAD$400,000. It’s a fast track immigration program for any business immigrant to opt for.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying:

For the all above categories of Federal Business Immigration Programs, you would require to fulfill the basic criteria:

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Language EfficiencyCanada Eligibility Check
  • Experience
  • Adapting to the conditions

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) Also Nominate Business Immigrants

Apart from the above programs, a few provinces also have got their own Business Immigration Programs to attract and retain the individuals with Business Experience, i.e. Quebec Business Immigration. The business immigration programs of the PNP programs are designed as per the needs and requirement of a particular province and hence, many of such programs might suit your candidature as well. So, PNP programs are also good option to apply.

Lastly, after analyzing the Economy, Government Policies, track record and banking system of Canada, we can say that Business Investment in Canada shall surely be a wise step for you and hence, you must try one of the above programs to exploit the ideal business and work conditions in Canada.


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