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Canada Open Work Permit for H-1B visa holders

Canadian government has consistently been taking key measures to help sustain the ongoing growth of Canada’s technology sector.

To meet this objective, Canadian Immigration minister, Sean Fraser, recently presented the Tech Talent Strategy of Canada. The recent announcements regarding category-based draws for STEM experts and creation of the Open Work Permit for H-1B visa holders were part of Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy only.

Work Permits for H-1B visa holders w.e.f. 16 July 2023

Canada wants to provide international tech talent with the opportunity to stay and work in North America. This new measure applicable from July 16, 2023 will allow current H-1B Specialty Occupations visa holders to apply for an open work permit.

If you are a H-1B visa holder in the United States, you can apply for this open work permit and make the transition to Canada. Unlike USA, Canada has relatively easy and fast process to allocate Permanent Resident (PR) Visa to the suitable applicants.

Here are key points regarding this new measure for H-1B visa holders:

  • Work for almost any company in Canada for 3 years
  • Bring their immediate family with them
  • Spouses and dependants will also be eligible to apply for a temporary resident visa, with a work or study permit, as needed. 
  • Only principal applicants, and not their accompanying family members, will count toward the application cap. 

Note: This temporary program will remain in effect for 1 year, or until IRCC get 10,000 applications, so pitch the clients accordingly.

Canada’s New Tech Talent Strategy

Find below the key measures taken by Canada as part of its new Tech Talent Strategy:

  • Canada Open work permit for H-1B visa holders in US
  • STEM-specific Express Entry draw under category-based selection
  • Development of an Innovation Stream under International Mobility Program
  • 14-day service standard for work permits under the GTS (Global Skills Strategy)
  • Promotion of Canada as a destination for digital migrants
  • Changes/Improvements to the Start-up Visa Program

The newly announced Canada open work permit gives H1B holders the freedom to work for almost any employer anywhere in Canada. Moreover, Spouses and dependants will also be eligible to apply for a temporary resident visa, with a work or study permit, as per the requirement. 

opening up doors of new opportunities to expand your professional network and acquire valuable career experience in the maple leaf country.

  • Job Prospects: Canada is facing skill shortage and hence, it offers multiple job opportunities for the newcomers with right skills and talent
  • Spouse can work: Your spouse can work full-time without any limitations or sponsorship requirements
  • Free Education and Healthcare: FREE education for kids and healthcare coverage for family.
  • Opportunity to make Canada your new home: This new measure offering you a great chance to take your career to a next level and settle in Canada to experience new life in a peaceful surroundings.

How Visas Avenue can help to get Canada Open Work Permit for H-1B visa holders ?

If you are ready to grab this lifetime opportunity, you can get in touch with our Canada Migration Expert at Visas Avenue. Our expert will check your profile to confirm your eligibility for the existing work permit offer.

This is truly a great opportunity to immigrate to Canada to explore and experience a new life and tremendous career prospects in Canada.

If you are not an H-B visa holder, you can still move to Canada on Permanent Resident (PR) Visa, by getting Canada PR invitation through category-based Express Entry draws.

To proceed further and check your eligibility, you may contact Visas Avenue Canada migration expert on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or you can drop us an e-mail at

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