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What Makes Canada the Best Country to Immigrate to Despite Covid-19?

The world would have never thought that a pandemic would visibly affect most countries across the planet. It affected people, industries, and even plans and policies of the many governments across the world.

Aspiring immigrants are also in a dilemma! They are confused as to which country they can move during or after Pandemic.

Well, Canada is the best nation to move to now and even after the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Unlike most advanced nations, the immigration policies of Canada have remained mostly unaffected by this Pandemic.

Positives of Immigration to Canada despite Covid-19

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live permanently. It ranks as no.1 country in the world based on Quality of life, as per US News and World report.

It’s also the second-best country in the world, based on the Citizenship parameter.

When the whole world is dealing with the chaos and disorder caused by Covid-19, Canada stands by its citizens and permanent residents to make sure that this unexpected adversity does not affect them. It is providing all; the much needed financial support to various sections of the society.

Here are a few key positives, which drive aspirants to choose Canada over the rest of the immigration destinations.

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Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

The Canadian Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) provides financial support to employed and the self-employed Canadians, who are directly affected by COVID-19, which includes Citizens and the PR Holders.

CERB is for those who are not working or working for reduced hours due to Pandemic.

The eligible people can get $2,000 for four weeks (i.e. $500 a week). Here is the list of eligible candidates for the CERB.

Find below few eligible categories, which can get the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit:

CERB is for those Students, who:

  • Were working part-time throughout the school year, but lost job due to COVID-19.
  • Work in summer, i.e. planning to start a job in May but lost it due to COVID-19.
  • Were working part-time throughout the school year, but lost the job due to COVID-19.
  • Are studying in Canada and working part-time.
  • Returned to the home country when the Pandemic started, they lost a job and pursued classes virtually.

Individuals Not able to Work or Unemployed

  • Unemployed and were eligible for EI regular benefits before March 15th
  • Unemployed and may be eligible for EI regular benefits after March 15th
  • Unable to work because diagnosed with a severe illness. However, was eligible for EI sickness benefits before March 15th
  • Unable to work because you were diagnosed with a severe illness. However, was eligible for EI sickness benefits after March 15th

Self-employed/independent contractor

  • An individual who owns a business
  • Forced to close doors because of COVID-19.
  • An independent contractor who has no work because of COVID-19. However, get more than $1,000 (before taxes) after March 15th for work done in February.
  • A self-employed person who got sick with COVID-related symptoms and cannot work.
  • A Self-employed person who got sick but is not COVID-related after March 15th and cannot work.
  • A self-employed person eligible for EI who got sick, but not necessarily with COVID-19, after March 15th

Senior/retired person

  • A senior with a pension who worked part-time.
  • Lost that job because of COVID-19 and is a senior with a pension but no employment income.

Other Eligible Beneficiaries of CERB

The other categories of eligible CERB beneficiaries are as follows:

  • Expectant mother/parent
  • New mother/parent
  • Caring for the family member(s)
  • Change in job status/income
  • Canadian abroad
  • Previously received EI benefits (exhausted)

As you can see, the Canadian government has taken care of every class or section of the society to help them recover financially from the impact of Covid-19.

Canadian PR Visa benefits

Apart from the CERB, the Canadian government provides benefits to the permanent residence visa holders of Canada, i.e.

  • The PR Visa holders are allowed to live, work and study anywhere in Canada permanently.
  • Free school education to the children
  • Free or subsidized healthcare coverage
  • Sponsor eligible relatives to Canada
  • Apply for Citizenship once you have spent enough time on PR status
  • Protection under Canadian law and Citizenship charter
  • Children born in Canada get automatic Canadian Citizenship.

Due to this reason, Canada is the most-liked and preferred immigration destination in the world. The Immigration aspirants from all parts of the globe wish to apply for permanent residence visas and settle in Canada permanently.

Lenient Immigration Policy of Canada Coupled with Hassle-free Immigration system

While immigration programs, policies, and visa categories of various countries are complicated and cumbersome, Canada is hands down the no.1 choice for Immigration.

It offers direct Permanent Residency status through its point-based Express Entry System. An applicant's eligibility is assessed based on the points scored for key profile factors, such as age, education, work experience, language ability, adaptability, etc.

Hence, if you wish to apply for a permanent residency visa for Canada this year, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue – the most trusted Immigration Consultancy Company for Canada.

To check your eligibility and start the process, you may call us on our Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777 or fill out the free assessment form to get a callback.

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