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Immigrate to Canada as a Chartered Accountant in 2024

Canada's job market has always been strong for accountants and is expected to flourish further over the next 5 years. The unemployment rate of qualified chartered accountants is also below average in Canada as they play a key role in advising people on tax matters and helping businesses manage finances.

It's stable job and will always stay in demand. A average salary for a chartered accountant working in Canada ranges between $CAD63,000 to $CAD75,000.

Following are the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC) code for Accountants:

  • NOC 0111 Skill type 0 – Financial Managers
  • NOC 1111 Skill type A – Financial Auditors and Accountants

How to immigrate to Canada as a Chartered Accountant?

Canada offers various pathways to apply for Canada PR as a chartered accountant, including Express Entry system, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Express Entry System

It is one of the most popular immigration pathway which invites skilled and talented foreign workers to live and work in Canada as permanent residents.

This system is designed with an aim to fulfill Canada's skilled labour needs and gaps so that the country can further strengthen its economy.

There are three major federal economic immigration programs managed under Express Entry:

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada) manage and process applications in the pool based on key selection criteria, like, education, age, work experience, language skills (English or French), etc. To get your profile evaluated for any of the three programs mentioned above, take a free profile assessment.

What makes Express Entry an excellent option is its transparent selection system and quick application processing mechanism. All the complete applications get processed within 4-6 months, which is apparently the fastest processing time among other options.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The PNP program is ideal for workers who have the right skill set, work experience and education to contribute to an economy of any specific Canadian province or territory and wish to live and work in that province as permanent residents.

Each province and territory has its unique PNP streams that target specific groups and have specific selection requirements. For instance, in a PNP stream, provinces and territories can target skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, students or business people.

In you are interested, you may find the most active PNP using online PNP track and accordingly choose a right program.

How Visas Avenue Can Help You Immigrate to Canada as a Chartered Accountant?

We at Visas Avenue have assisted thousands of individuals and families to Immigrate to Canada as a Chartered Accountant with their families via Express Entry and PNP. Our team of qualified and experienced immigration advisors are proficient enough to assess different cases accurately and advise our clients the most suitable process as per their needs.

In the past eight years, Visas Avenue has garnered a long list of happy clients in this ever-challenging immigration industry and has constantly facilitated a comprehensive range of consultancy services to aspiring immigrants.

Being among one of the best Immigration consultants in India, we have an outstanding track record of over 97 per cent approval rate for PR Visa applicants. The following are the factors that makes us one of the Best Immigration Consultants in India for Canada PR Visa:

  • We have a team of CICC authorized and licensed immigration advisors
  • We offer step-by-step guidance and assistance throughout the process
  • We maintain transparency throughout the process
  • We have experience of processing over 20,000 applications
  • We assess each case multiple times before final submission

Below is a list of services we offer to our clientele Pan India:

Case study analysis 

We follow a stepwise case analysis process. When a client contact us for immigration guidance, we review his/her profile, demographics, visa type (i.e. Working visa, Study Visa, Tourist Visa, Permanent Residency), resume, area of interest and the eligibility conditions.

Pre assessment of visa application

With our application pre-assessment service, a prospective immigrant can successfully sail through specific visa procedures of Canada. Our experienced visa consultants examine the client's profile against all the pre-determined selection conditions for various Canada PR visa categories.

We assist our clients in an assessment or evaluation of their qualification from the educational institutions and/or professional bodies in the country of immigration.

Visa application filling 

Applying for Canada PR as a Chartered Accountant can be a very complex and tedious procedure. An applicant has to take care of various aspects to ensure filing an error-free and complete visa application. With our visa application filling services, we ease out the entire process.

Documentation assistance

Majorities of visa applications face the rejection status due of inappropriate, incorrect or missing documents that are compulsory for the visa application. At Visas Avenue, we offer exclusive documentation service to all our clients.

We go through the document checklist to ensure that the client's visa application is complete. Our immigration experts guide them through the entire documentation process and keep a keen eye on client's visa application.

Language coaching

The ability to speak French and English is not only an advantage in the international market and the Canadian Job Bank, but will also help you improve your CRS score and brighten up your chances of Express Entry pool selection.

Our exclusive language coaching services can help you score  high in IELTS and other language tests, which in turn helps you better demonstrate your English abilities to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Letter drafting 

Reference letters can be a bit challenging if you lack the proper inclination towards writing them. We would advise you to leave the job to our professional to review a letter of recommendation for accuracy, grammar, salutation, proper placement of relevant facts and proper elaboration of duties performed at work.

We provide a reference letter draft to our clients so that they can better present all the important points in a proper format approved by IRCC.

Follow up with the immigration office

Our visa consultant serves a link between an applicant and Canada immigration authority. They not only assist you to set up your application and guide you through the application filing procedure and documentation, but they also follow-up with the visa office to keep a track of your application status.

Refusal Case Analysis and Re-filing  

Despite of having liberal policies and various immigration programs, aspirants still face difficulty in getting approval for their visa application. And, it is absolutely devastating for a candidate to face refusal of his/her visa application as they put a lot of time, efforts and money in the visa application filing process. Therefore, we offer an exclusive refusal case analysis and re-filing service for those applicants who don’t show courage to re-apply and forget their dream of immigrating to Canada.

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