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Canada immigration eligibility criteria and Points

Want to move to Canada but not sure about your eligibility status? 

Well, Canada is one of those countries, which have introduced point based immigration system to allocate permanent residency to the skilled and talented people from overseas. Express Entry system is the fastest and most popular immigration system of Canada. This online and point based Immigration system evaluates the applicants, based on few key Canada immigration eligibility criteria ,i.e. age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. The other popular immigration programs of Canada, i.e. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) also have more or less similar parameters or selection factors. 

What is Canada PR Process? 

As mentioned already, Express Entry system is fastest pathway to apply Canada permanent residence visa. The applicants, who score the enough points based on six selection factors of Express Entry system get the permanent residency invitation from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

  • Collect documents: Obtain key documents to apply in EE system i.e. IELTS test for English proficiency and ECA from WES or any other recognized institution.
  • Create profile: create profile on online express entry system and obtain minimum 67 points under FSW category as a skilled worker from overseas.
  • Find place in pool: once above steps are completed, you will find place in Express entry pool, wherein you will get a CRS point score, as per Canada PR eligibility calculator based on Comprehensive Ranking system (CRS).
  • Get Invite from IRCC– the IRCC will launch periodic draws to issue invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada Permanent residency to the candidates with best top CRS score in Express entry pool.
  • Submit PR application- Once you have got the ITA, you submit complete Permanent residency application along with essential documents within 60 days
  • Get Approval- If your submitted application, documents, and overall candidature found correct and genuine, you will get the PR visa approval from immigration office. 

What is Canada immigration eligibility criteria? 

To apply the Canadian permanent residency, you need to meet the below Canada PR eligibility criteria or do well based on the key selection factors for Canada PR. 

  • Age– You must be 18 years or above to apply Canada PR. As an applicant, you get maximum points for age factor, when you are in age group 18-35. Although, you can still apply PR up to the age of 45 years.
  • Education-You need to be at least graduate to score decent points in Express Entry system. For Master’s Degree and PhD. etc. you get maximum points. Also, need to provide the ECA from WES or any other approved institution to get your overseas qualifications verified.
  • Work Experience– Apply with work experience of 3 years or more to gain decent points in express entry system. People with work experience of 6 years or more can get highest points for the work experience factor.
  • Language Ability-You need to have minimum language proficiency of CLB 7 or above (English or French language) to apply in the EE System. The language test from a recognized language testing agency, i.e. IELTS must be provided as a proof of your language proficiency. 

All the above factors often will maximum Canada immigration points, when you apply in express entry or Provincial nominee program. 

Other factors 

The above 4 factors were the core factors of Express Entry and PNP process for Canada PR. Apart from the above you may also earn points for other factors, which are not compulsory in process,i.e. 

  • Adaptability-If you or your spouse/common law partner haspast experience of living, working or studying in Canada or any of your family member or relative lives in Canada, it can earn you some key points under Adaptability factor.
  • Arranged Employment– If you have a Job offerfrom an employer in Canada,you can earn valuable immigration points in express entry or PNP. 

What are documents requirements for Canada PR Visa in 2019? 

Find below the key documents requirement to apply Canada PR: 

  • Language Test Results from a recognized testing agency, showing your proficiency in English or French language, such as, IELTS Test result
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from approved authority
  • Originals, copies, and official translations of documents supporting the application. Apart from this, educational degrees, diplomas, and certificates, personal identification documents and/or sponsor letters and relevant information
  • Sufficient fund’s proof to support the application
  • Additional fees as applicable
  • Other documents based on the different visa programs. 

If you want to win the valuable immigration points for Canada PR on express entry points calculator, all your documents must be genuine, valid and true. 

What are Canada immigration Rule changes in 2019? 

Find below the key immigration rule changes applicable in 2019: 

  • Saskatchewan has updated the SINP application fees w.e.f. 1st April 2019. The new fees is $350
  • Quebec has announced to change the QSWP Criteria. The province may cancel the backlog of 18, 000 applications, submitted prior to August 2, 2018.
  • Now IRCC will accept the TCF Canada as French Language test
  • ECA evaluation fee has been increased to $220 w.e.f. 1st January 2019
  • The minimum CRS score requirement for OINP is not 400 CRS points anymore, in fact, the points requirement will be determined by the director for each OINP draw
  • SINP has introduced new EOI system of accepting applications for its OID and Express entry streams
  • AINP has launched new Express Entry Stream
  • Canada has now employed the Biometric Rule for the people of Asia, Asia Pacific, and America, applying temporary or permanent visa in Canada. As of now these parts of the globe were exempted from the biometric rule.However, with effect from December 31, 2018, the visa applicants from the mentioned regions also need to provide their biometric details and also need to pay the fees applicable for the same. This will now a crucial part of Canada Immigration process 2019. 

Call the expert now to apply permanent residency in Canada 

If you want to apply permanent residency in Canada in 2019, you may get in touch with trusted Immigration consultant to confirm your eligibility status, immigration points, and apply in the most appropriate visa program based on your profile. 

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