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Which is the right pathway to apply for Canada PR during Covid-19?

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada this year, but confused about the right pathway given the Covid-19 situation?

The Canadian government has not stopped immigration and most of its immigration programs are open for the new application. Having said this, you must choose the right pathway to make certain that this pandemic situation does not affect your PR application.

So, which is the right program to apply for a Canadian PR visa during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Best visa program to apply Canada PR at now

Express Entry undoubtedly remains the fastest and still the best choice for obtaining a permanent residency visa in Canada. The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is also accepting applications for all three categories of the EE system, i.e.

The EE system is point-based and it invites the candidates with the top score in the express entry pool. Hence, if your point score or CRS score is high, enough in the EE system (i.e. close to 470 marks for FSW candidate); you can surely go ahead and apply in the EE system. However, if your score is relatively low, you have to go for an alternate program.

Apply Canada PR with a low point score

If your point score is low and you are not getting an invite for the last few EE draws, it is time for you to enhance your CRS point score through a provincial nomination. If you apply in a PNP and subsequently, acquire the provincial nomination, you will get 600 points in the federal EE system. Such a huge addition of points makes you entitled to get an Invitation to apply for Canada PR in the next Express Entry draw.

The process to Apply in a PNP

Here is the stepwise process to apply for provincial nomination:

  • If you are interested in moving to any particular province, you can select that province, while creating profile in Express Entry System; else, you can choose the option of “All provinces and territories”.
  • If you have chosen the option of Interested in moving to All provinces and territories, while creating a profile in Express Entry System, you are eligible to get notification of interest from all provinces and territories.
  • If you have received NOI from the express entry linked stream of a PNP, you can apply for nomination through that PNP stream
  • If any PNP stream allows you to apply directly, you can apply in that PNP without receiving the NOI as well.
  • Once, you have applied for the nomination, the provincial nominee program will assess your profile
  • If your profile is selected, you will get the provincial nominee certificate from that particular province
  • With the provincial nomination, you also get the 600 additional CRS points and subsequently, the Canada PR invitation from IRCC.

Hence, the nomination obtained through a provincial program also provide you a pathway to get permanent residency in Canada.

Some popular PNPs of Canada

The common and popular provincial nominee programs of Canada are as follows:

Every PNP of Canada has different processes and requirements and the provinces keep updating them periodically. Hence, you must coordinate with a trusted Visa Advisor and consultant to choose the best provincial program and apply it in the same as per the latest guidelines.

Study Visa pathway

You can also immigrate to Canada by applying for the study visa. All you need to do is choose the appropriate university and course of study and apply for admission in the same. Subsequently, you can apply for the relevant Student visa, once you have the acceptance letter from a Canadian university or college. The federal express entry system as well as the Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada also offer the permanent residency pathway to international students in Canada. You may contact Visas Avenue immigration experts to explore the most appropriate immigration pathway to move to apply immigration to Canada during Covid-19.

Visas Avenue is a leading Visa Consultancy Company in India specialized in Canada immigration. The VA team offers the following service to Canada immigration applicants:

  • Applicants Immigration eligibility assessment
  • Selection of right visa program to apply
  • Calculation of immigration points
  • Helps you in filing the visa application
  • Provides IELTS training (online/Classroom)
  • Visa application follow up, etc.

To get in touch with our immigration expert, you may call on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or fill the free assessment form to get a callback.

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