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What are the 6 selection factors of Canada Immigration?

Canada is one of those advanced nations who have designed a Point based immigration System to invite and accept the skilled immigrants in the country under different categories. This point system evaluates the applicants based on some key selection factors, and accordingly allocate them points. Theses selection factors apply to most of the Canada immigration programs, i.e. Federal Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), etc. Following are the six selection factors of Canada Immigration:

1. Language Skills

You must have good communication skills in any of Canada's two official languages, i.e. English or French. You require providing authorized test result to prove your language skill level. You will get points for language factor, based on the points you scored based on four language eligibility factors, i.e. speaking, writing, listening and reading. IELTS is the most common and approved language test to prove your English language skills. Most of the applicant provide this test results.

2. Age

Applicants between 18-35 years of age score maximum points for the age factor. After 35 years of age, your points for age factor start decreasing. However, people can still apply Canada PR up to 45 years and get help from PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) to increase their point score.

3. Work experience

Work experience is an essential factor for the assessment of the profile of an applicant. As a Canada immigration applicant, you can get some valuable points based on the full-time work experience you have acquired over the years. This experience needs to be in a NOC (National Occupational Classification) occupation. The NOC is a system that segregates the duties, skills, talents, etc., for different jobs or occupations in Canada. You can get the number of points based on your number of years of experience, with minimum required work experience being one year.

4. Education 

If you have obtained your qualification outside Canada, you need to have:

  • An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from a sanctioned agency showing that your overseas education is equal to a completed certificate, diploma or degree from a Canadian:
  • secondary (high school) or
  • post-secondary school

You get great points according to your educational qualification, i.e. University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal, OR University level entry-to-practice professional degree (or equal).

5. Arranged employment in Canada 

You can get some prised points for Canada immigration if you have a full-time employment offer of a minimum of 1 year from an employer in Canada. However, you need to obtain this job offer before applying for Canada immigration as a federal skilled worker (FSW).

The employment offer you provide needs to be:

  • Continuous, paid, full-time work for minimum one year and it should not be seasonal
  • The job offer must be in an occupation listed as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the NOC.

6. Adaptability

You can earn points for adaptability if you have a spouse or common-law partner moving with you to Canada. The adaptability factors for which you can earn points are,

  • Your spouse or partner's language level
  • Your past study in Canada
  • Your spouse or partner's past study in Canada
  • Your past work in Canada
  • Your spouse or common-law partner's past work in Canada
  • Arranged Employment in Canada
  • Relatives in Canada

All the six factors mentioned above play a vital role in obtaining valuable immigration points and subsequently, the visa approval as an overseas skilled worker.

You may contact a certified and vastly experienced Canadian immigration and visa expert. The expert will help you clearly understand how you can earn the immigration points based on all crucial factors.

Visas Avenue Immigration is a prominent Canadian Visa Consultancy Company in India that helps hundreds of applicants prepare their Canada immigration file and subsequently apply and obtain Canadian PR visa based on the same.

Visas Avenue Immigration is a prominent Canadian Visa Consultancy Company in India that helps hundreds of applicants prepare their Canada immigration file and subsequently apply and obtain Canadian PR visa based on the same.

You may call Visas Avenue Canada Immigration Expert on Toll-Free Number78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail id-

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