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What is the Cost of Living in Australia?

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Australia is an incredible place to live and raise family. However, if you are moving to a new country, your first and foremost concern remains the cost of living at new place. Well, if you are not a big billionaire or one among the wealthiest people, you would obviously be concerned about the fact that your expense doesn’t exceed your earnings. The expats coming to Australia often seem concerned about the living cost factor in view of the general opinion regarding high cost of living in this part of the world. So, let’s find out in detail as to what is the living cost in Australia from the perspective of an immigrant.

What is the Living expenses in Australia?

The living cost or expenses for the immigrants in Australia depend on various factors, i.e. the size of the family, city, or place of relocation, individual lifestyle, accommodation plans or location, food and commuting habits, and so on. In short, it will largely depend on the fact as to what are your choices and preference or what kind of a life you prefer to live, especially, when you are immigrating to a new country like Australia. Let’s see how the expenses vary based on different factors:

  • Size of family: It I guess is simplest of mathematics to understand, 1 person will incur less expense in terms consumption factors, etc. on the other end, and 4 people will certainly increase the expense.
  • City of living: The top urban areas or cities are much more expensive compared to the rural Australia or countryside parts of Australia. The cities, i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane rank among the most livable cities and obviously are expensive too.
  • Individual Preferences: To understand this, one person prefer to wear expensive branded clothes the other chooses to wear simple formals. One person has the liking for restaurant food which most of the times is expensive, the other chooses to have dinner or lunch at home. So, the preferences or lifestyle can really make difference to your cost of living.
  • Choice of Accommodation: The shared accommodations, or small flats or single rooms are much more affordable and less expensive compared to 2 bedroom flats or apartments for that matter.

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What is the monthly cost of living in Australia?

The cost of living in Australia is considered little too high compared to other countries. However, in the recent past many Australian cities have came down in ranking of the most expensive cities for immigrants. A slight decrease in price of the Australian dollar compared to US dollar has got more to do with the same.

The monthly cost of living although will depend on various factors as mentioned above. Here is the list of key monthly expenses in Australia:

  • House rent
  • Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  • Utilities (Mobile, Electricity, gas internet, etc.)

However, if you consider the general expenses with regards to house rent, utilities, food, mobile bill, transportation, etc. in affordable terms, it will come to somewhere around, AUD $ 2500-3000 per month. However, as already mentioned it’s not the standard monthly cost of living and may vary depending on the individuals, place of residence, and various other factors.

What is the average cost of living in Australia per year?

As discussed already, the average cost of living in Australia had been usually high; however, it has registered a downfall to some extent in the recent past. Moreover, the factors, i.e. your place or city of residence and the living preferences, etc. largely impact the same. For instance, the cities, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc. are more costly for immigrants compared to the countryside areas. So, considering all the factors affordable, it should be around AUD $35000-40000 a year. However, it is subject to chance in view of individual preferences, salary, location of settlement, and various other factors.

What is the Living cost in Australia for one person?

In view of the housing shortage over the years, the expense on housing or renting has increased. At present, you might end up spending 30% of your salary on the housing rent, while living in Australia. However, once you have spent 2 years in Australia, the expenses gradually come down, as you become entitle for various social benefits as a permanent resident. Talking about expenses of a single person in Australia, it would be around AUD $400-600 per week considering all the expenses, including groceries, clothes, rent, bill, etc. as affordable. The single person in fact, can save money on various routine things.

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What is the Cost of living in Australia for Indians?

Well, cost of living in Australia is obviously much higher for an Indian, especially, if you come from a middle or even upper middle class background back home. The cost of groceries, house rent, restaurants, etc. everything is way too high compared to India, in fact, 3 to 5 times higher than what it is in India. The only respite you have as an Indian immigrant is the salary part. Your salary in Australia will also be much higher as compared to India. So if you are smart enough to plan your budget and expenses, you can manage your living in Australia.

What is the Cost of living in Australia for Indian students?

As just discussed, the living cost is considerably high in Australia compared to India. So if you are an Indian student in Australia, the advantages you will have are, no family burden, and option of work with studies and controlling your expenses being a single person. If you can avoid frequent restaurant meals, use affordable commuting means, or transportation, look out for work with study options, etc. You can not only survive as an International student in Australia but also can save a considerable amount of money.

If you choose to live on campus, you can save a significant amount of money compared to off-campus living. You can save substantial money on advance rental, utilities and telephone, crockery/furnishing, etc. if you choose to live on-campus as an overseas student in Australia. The Cost of living also depend on individual style of living, however, the average living cost for a student in Australia comes to around AUD $ 400-600 per week.

What is the Cost of living in Australia for Indian family?

The initial days can be tough on you; in case you are a family just migrated to Australia from India. However, if you control your expenses and enhance your earning regularly, through various means, you can not only survive, but can become a well settled and successful family in Australia as well. If your salary is good, you can manage all your expenses comfortably here, however, in case their other ways round, its struggle, especially, in the initial phase. For a small Indian family (4 members ideally), the living cost with no luxury involved, should come to around AUD$ 2800-3200 per month.

However, as we have been saying throughout, it may vary depending on your place of relocation, individual preferences of living, and other such factors.

What is the cost of living in Australia compared to India?

Australia is one of the most advanced nation, while India although is fast growing but still a developing country. Hence, there is huge difference in terms of cost of living in both the countries. Australia is much more costlier for living compared to India.

  • House Rent: The house rents in Australia are more than 500% higher compared to what it is in India
  • Groceries: The Groceries in Australia are more than 200% higher compared to India
  • Consumer Prices: The Consumer Prices in Australia are about 220% higher compared to India
  • Local Purchasing Power: The local purchasing power in Australia is about 60% higher compared to India
  • Restaurant Expenses: The meals in Australian Restaurants are more than 350% higher compared to what it is in

So, if you are migrating to Australia from India, you must get ready for higher cost of living, however, the growth and increase in your salary in Australia, covers up for the same to a large extent. Moreover, in Australia there are several social security benefits, i.e. free or subsidized education, healthcare coverage, etc. that goes in favor of the new immigrants.

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