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First getting tourist visa to visiting Australia


The Mighty Australia may look a huge country on map, however, it’s fairly easy to travel around here and explore a few of the most beautiful locations on earth.



Australia landscape is highly diverse which deviates from dry to tropical rain forest to all the beaches with fascinating native creatures such as kangaroos, koalas and wombats bouncing’ down the road. Australia has cosmopolitan cities and sophisticated pleasures, great restaurants and the award-winning wines to experience in. The unexplored beaches that extend for miles and deserts that touch the horizon, you may explore and experience all this quite comfortably.

What Makes Australia One of the Best Tourism Destinations?

  • A home to fantastic monuments and mesmerizing landscape beauty, i.e. Kangaroo Island, Rainforests, Queensland, etc.
  • Australia is 12th largest economy of the world
  • In Australia you can witness some of world’s most beautiful cities and places, i.e. Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Uluru, etc.
  • Australia has a huge network of smooth and well-maintained roads and some of the most spectacular routes for the tourists in the world.
  • Transparent Government Policies and Visionary leadership
  • Australia has boutique hotels, luxury resorts, self-serviced apartments and other accommodation options available in all budgets.
  • Cultural Diversity, secular society with cooperative people & communities.
  • Excellent living standards and quality of life in Australia
  • Australia has something to offer for the tourists and travelers of various hobbies and interests, i.e. Sports, Nature & Wildlife, Beaches, Islands, Events, Food & Wine, Adventure, etc.

Australia is a Popular Immigration Destination for Various Reasons

People visit Australia for number of reasons like holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends, to be a business visitor or for other short-term non-work things like medical treatment or medical consultations. For whatever reason you want to visiting to Australia, you need to apply for the respective visa.

Find below the visa fees for Visitor Visa:

Product Quantity Price
FA600 Visitor/Tourist outside Australia 1 140.00
GST 0.00
Total AUD  140.00

Note: The visa fees given above is subject to change and revision periodically. Hence, for any clarification about the fees or to confirm the latest/updated visa fees, you may contact Visas Avenue immigration expert.

What are the different visas subclasses?

The different visas subclasses are mentioned below:-

  1. 6oo – Visitor
  2. 601 – Electronic Travel Authority
  3. 602 – Medical Treatment
  4. 651 – e Visitor
  5. 771 – Transit
  6. 942 – Crew Travel Authority
  7. 488 – Super yacht Crew
  8. 462 – Work and Holiday
  9. 461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)
  10. 444 – Special Category – New Zealand Citizen
  11. 417 – Working Holiday
  12. 416 – Special Program
  13. 405 – Investor Retirement.

To know which visa suits you most fill free assessment section. Our Immigration Expert shall assess your profile and subsequently will contact you with appropriate advice your visa category and the overall immigration procedure and Journey to Australia.


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