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We are Registered to offer Advice for Immigration to Australia

Visas Avenue is an Independent Visa and Immigration Consultancy Company that advice on Australia Immigration. It is not affiliated with the government of Australia; rather it offers valuable immigration advice to the Australia immigration applicants through registered migration agents.

We have an incredible record in terms of obtaining visa approvals for the Australian visa applicants via providing vital assistance in appropriate visa program selection, documentation assistance, etc.

All the Australia migration agents and agencies offering Australia immigration advice needs to register with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). Based in Sydney, the office of MARA is associated with Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). It has been formed under section 316 of Australian Migration Act 1958. The MARA is the regulatory body for Australian migration Agents services. It control and govern the inclusive regulatory framework, which includes key provisions of the act mentioned.

The Key objectives of the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) are:

  • The registered migration agents realize and value their duties
  • The appropriate people only get registered as agents and inappropriate people must be rejected for registration or re-registration with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority).
  • The individuals require immigration services be aware of their rights
  • The Migration Agents uphold the required skills as well as knowledge needed to offer precise and timely advice to their clients, i.e. Australian visa applicants
  • The clients have an efficient way to complain
  • The migration are scrutinized for uprightness and integrity of conduct and quality of immigration process assistance
  • To handle complaints proficiently.

Registered to offer advice for Immigration to Australia

The senior associates of our Australia immigration cases handling team are registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). The MARA authorizes our senior Immigration Expert to offer key advice on Australia Immigration to different immigration applicants.

The details of MARA Registration status of our team members are as follows:

MARA Registered Agent Name MARN (Migration Agent Registration Number)
Sunil Ghai 1683007

Visas Avenue MARN Agent Number

With its team of certified and registered Immigration experts and professionals, Visas Avenue maintains an excellent record in terms of obtaining the visa approvals for its clients aka Australia immigration applicants. Visas Avenue offers you world-class immigration solutions to make your journey to Australia, smooth, hassle free and uncomplicated.

If you have any query, feedback or assistance, you may contact us on Visas Avenue Customer Care Number.


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