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Difference between Australia 309 and 100 Visa Subclass

Want to apply for Partner Visa to live in Australia? - Know about Partner visa (subclass 309) & Partner visa (subclass 100)
Australia is a wonderful country for overseas immigrants to live, work, study or business. Its favorite country of millions of migrants due to its world class cities, quality of life, high employment rate, civil liberties, ideal working conditions, etc. It has been seen that people from all parts of the world, especially from the Asian region, move to Australia on temporary visas, i.e. student visa or work visa, etc. however, after spending some time, they most often find Australia, a right place to get settled. If you also want to visit and live permanently with your Partner in Australia, we will help you select the right visa category in this section.

Apply for Partner visa (subclass 309)

This partner visa has been designed for the spouse or de facto partner of a permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to visit and stay with their partner in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements

You are allowed to get this visa if you are either married to or in a de facto relationship with a person who is:

  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • Australian Citizen
  • Eligible Citizen of New Zealand

You required to be outside Australia while applying for this visa.

The difference between Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) and Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100)

The Partner (Provisional) Visa (subclass 309) is a temporary visa to live in Australia for a limited period of time, however, Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) is a visa that allows you to live permanently in Australia with your partner. The Partner (Provisional) Visa (subclass 309) is a first step for getting the Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100). You need to submit only one application for both these visa types and also need to pay the charge for single application only. However, this application will be processed in two stages, i.e. in two years separately.

Please remember:

  • You must be outside Australia while applying and on the grant of Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309)
  • You can be either in or outside Australia while applying for a Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100).

Benefits of Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309)

This particular visa allows you to:

  • Come to Australia and live here till any conclusion is made about your Partner Visa.
  • Pursue studies in Australia, however, there won’t be any Government funding
  • Do job in Australia
  • Get enrolled in a healthcare scheme in Australia, i.e. Medicare

Later, once you are allocated a permanent visa (subclass 100), you will be able to:

  • live in Australia for an indefinite period
  • study and work in Australia
  • make application for Australian citizenship (in case you are eligible)
  • sponsor the other relatives for permanent residency if they are eligible
  • get a few SSP (social security payments)
  • Visit to and from Australia for 5 years from the visa issuance date

Who Can sponsor this Visa?

  • The sponsor needs to be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or eligible citizen of New Zealand
  • Sponsor needs to be married or a de facto partner or wish to marry to an applicant before the visa is decided
  • Sponsor needs to be more than 18 years of age.

How to apply for Partner Visa in Australia?

There are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually apply for Australian Visa. As an incomplete application or the application missing any procedural facts or documents, may lead to rejection and you may lose your quality time and effort due to the process delay. Hence, you would require the proper guidance and assistance regarding the submitting an EOI, proper visa category and the further Australian Visa Procedure.
You may contact the Immigration Expert at Visas Avenue or can fill the free assessment form available on its website to get the vital help and assistance regarding filing a visa application under the most suitable category and getting a guaranteed approval well within time.
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