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China Special Work Category

This is a special category work visa which is for Chinese nationals who want to work and is qualified as chefs, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Mandarin teachers’ aides, wushu martial arts coaches or tour guides.


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33 places have become available for the chef on 11th Nov 2013 for which the applications can be lodged at Shanghai.


  • You must hold good moral conduct and health.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you have required skills and qualifications for the occupations mentioned below:-
Occupation Number of places Qualification Other requirement
Chinese chef 200 Chinese Occupational Skills Testing Authority Certificate Level 3 in traditional cuisine
Traditional chinese medicine (TCM) practioner (including a TCM nurse 200 Higher education degree requiring at least three years’ successful study in Traditional Chinese Medicine from an institution recognised by the Chinese government
Mandarin teachers’ aide 150 Higher education degree requiring at least three years’ successful study The NZ job must require you to carry out a range of language-teaching duties, which support the acquisition of the Mandarin language by NZ school students.
Wushu Martial Arts coach 150 Grade 3-5 Certificate and a post-compulsory education qualification in either physical education or teaching requiring at least two years’ successful study from an institution recognised by the Chinese government OR Wushu Grade 6-9 Certificate Five years’ teaching experience
Chinese tour guide 100 IELTS Level 5 in Listening and Speaking English* Valid Tour Guide Licence in China, and a demonstrated knowledge of New Zealand**.
  • You must have a genuine fulltime job offer letter for at least three years.


  1. Band A New Zealand (GST inclusive)-270 NZ$/230 NZ$.
  2. Band B Australia-230 NZ$
  3. Band C Rest of the world-270/230 NZ$.



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