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Quebec Released its Immigration Plans for 2018- Skilled Workers to be on priority List

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 28, Oct 2017

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Major Canadian Province, Quebec has released its immigration plan for the year 2018. As per the new plan, the province is likely to welcome the immigrants under various categories in the next year. Skilled workers will be in the priority list followed by businessmen, family reunification, and refugee category. The applicants were expecting Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) intake to open this year, however it wasnt to be. Now all eyes are on Quebec Immigration plan for 2018.

Quebec Immigration Plan 2018

The province mulls over a new immigration system, similar to federal express entry systems Expression for Interest model. Quebec doesnt have any express entry stream aligned with its immigration program like other Canadian provinces. The Immigration plan is expected to be implemented during the transition to a new system. However, province has not revealed any further detail with regard to the functioning of the new system.

The immigration plan is divided in two parts, i.e. target number of candidates to be selected by the province of Quebec for the CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) and the target number of applicants to be welcomed in the province as new permanent residents.

What is CSQ?

The Quebec Selection Certificate is a document, which is issued by the Quebec government to the candidates selected for allocating the Permanent Residency in province through Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The candidates, who receive CSQ from Quebec, become eligible to directly apply for Canadian permanent residency to federal government or IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Skilled Workers to lead the tally of immigrants

The skilled workers will be invited in most numbers as per the new immigration plan of Quebec. As per 2018 plan, Quebec will issue a total of 29,000 Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQs) under Skilled Worker category. The two key streams under Skilled Worker category are Regular Skilled Worker Program and Quebec Experience Program.

As per an official announced by the Quebec government earlier this year, the province of Quebec will accept a total of 5,000 new applications under the Regular Skilled Worker Program, prior to the end of current intake cycle, i.e. before March 31, 2018. However, the exact dates were not confirmed for the intake. Since, no intake opened this year; the applicants are expecting the same to occur in the first quarter of 2018.

Quebec will also issue significant number of Certificates (i.e. 4,000- 6,000) under Business immigration programs, i.e. Self Employed, Investors and Entrepreneurs, etc.

Category wise Immigration Applicants to be selected by Quebec

Category/program Minimum Maximum
Skilled worker 26000 29000
Business 4000 6000
Other economic* 600 800
Refugees** 5600 6500
Others*** 500 700
Total 36700 43000

The below list indicates the target numbers of new permanent residents to be welcomed in the province of Quebec.

Applicants to be admitted by Quebec as Permanent Residents

Category/program Minimum Maximum
Economic immigration 29,200 30,600
Skilled worker 24,300 25,300
Business 4,200 4,500
Other economic* 700 800
Family reunification 11,900 12,800
Refugees and people in similar situations 8,700 9,500
Refugees selected abroad 6,100 6,500
Taken in charge by the state 1,650 1,700
Sponsored 4,400 4,800
Recognized locally 2,600 3,000
Others*** 800 900
Total 50,700 53,900

The above list may comprise the people who acquired a CSQ before 2018.

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