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Australian Parliament overruled the 10-year visa ban regulation imposed by Oz Government

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 15, Dec 2017

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The Australian Parliament has overruled the 10-year Visa ban rule imposed by the government. This rule introduced by the Oz Government to bar the individuals supplying fake documents or false information anytime during the Australian visa application process. The ban imposed to disallow such applicants from reapplying Australian visa for 10 years. This ban rule was giving the might to the immigration department of Australia to determine whether an applicant has produced fake documents or information, and accordingly bar him for a decade if found guilty.

Rule was imposed Earlier Under Section 4020 of the Public Interest Criterion (PIC)

The new visa rule implemented earlier under section 4020 of the Public Interest Criterion (PIC), which punishes the applicants, who provide false documents or misleading information tothe Immigration Department, Migration Review Tribunal, or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, in the last 10 years applicant has submitted the application. The rule was applicable on the visa applications made on or after November 18, 2017.

As per the earlier rule in this regard, a candidate found guilty of supplying forged or bogus documents or information in the visa application during one year prior to submitting application, was liable for facing a ban of 3 years. However, the government extended the screening period for fraud detection to 10 years from 12 months. It clearly meant that the person found guilty of immigration fraud or supplying forged documents or information in the application will be barred for 10 years.

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Parliament overruled the 10-year visa ban

The Senate has, now overruled the immigration rule, which was handing over immense power of blocking applicants (if found guilty of providing bogus documents or misleading information) for a decade to the Immigration Department of Australia. The government wanted this rule to be applicable to most temporary work visa categories. However, the Senate had other ideas.

Hence, on 05.12.17, the Senate voted against the new rule introduced by Oz Immigration Department and overruled the entire imposition of this law.

Nick McKim introduced the motion against this law in the Senate. He is Greens Senator. Speaking about the 10-year ban rule of the Oz Government, McKim said, Some of the powers that Peter Dutton wanted to give himself included the powers to cancel visas for something like speeding ticket... And those powers to be exercised not only without a conviction for the alleged offence but even without someone being charged.

Tightening Immigration Rules and Requirements in Australia

The Australian government has tightened the immigration rules and requirements in last few months. The changes occurred in last few months includes, the abolition of Subclass 457 visa and stern requirements introduced for the citizenship application process.

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