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Australia Confirms Ceiling for 2020-21 Migration Program in the Federal Budget Announcement

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 13, Oct 2020

Australia Confirms Ceiling for 2020-21 Migration Program in the Federal Budget Announcement Australian government has announced the federal budget on October 6, 2020, which was already scheduled date for the same. In the budget announcements, the government also confirm the target for 2020-21 Australia Migration Program.

The government confirmed the planned ceiling for this Migration Program year, which will remain at 160,000 places for 2020-2021 as well.

Latest update on Australia Migration Program

The government has confirmed that it will focus on luring the best and brightest migrants from all parts of the globe. The government revealed the stream wise allocation of places for this year's migration program. The skilled stream received the highest number of places among all, followed by family stream.

Stream wise allocation of visa places -2020-21

Find below the stream wise allocation of visa places:
  • Skill- The skilled stream received 79,600 places (50.7 percent of total allocations). This particular stream is to help the production and fill skill shortages in the labour market, including those in regional Australia. The most number of places have been allocated to Skill stream.

Stream and Category 2020-21

Skill stream

Employer Sponsored 22,000
Skilled Independent 6,500
Regional 11,200
?State/Territory Nominated 11,200
Business Innovation & Investment program 13,500
Global Talent 15,000
Distinguished Talent 200
Skill Total 79,600

  • Family- The family stream received 77,300 places (49.2 per cent). This stream is mainly dedicated to Partner visas, which allows Australian citizens and permanent residents to reunite with family members from overseas, and offer them with pathways to Australian citizenship (77,300 places in 2020-21, 49.2 per cent of the program).

Family Stream
Partner 72,300
Parent 4,500
Other Family 500
Family Total 77,300

  • Special Eligibility- The special eligibility stream received 100 places. This stream comprise visas for those in special circumstances. This can include permanent residents returning to Australia after a period away, and is the smallest stream (100 places in 2020-21).
  • At least 3,000 Child places will be available in 2020-21.

The total places available for the program year 2020-21 are 160,000.

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