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300,000 Immigrants Per year Find out How Canada is defying odds to Break New Grounds

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 06, Feb 2017

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Canada is defying all odds and leaving the most advanced countries answerless with its annual immigration target. When the top advanced nations and so called super powers of the world denying taking in the immigrants, refugees in their respective countries, Canada is showing the path of secularism, multiculturalism, tolerance, and humanity to the world.

Canada is welcoming 300,000 immigrants per year

At a time when a few advanced nations have disputes over accepting mere 1200 immigrants, Canada has airlifted 25,000 refugees in the year 2016. Moreover, for last two years, Canadas immigration target is 300,000 per year. This is a huge step on behalf of Canadian government to accept so many immigrants and refugees annually, when most of the advanced countries hesitating to take in even few hundred immigrants into their country.

Defying Negative Immigration wave

Canada is defying the negative wave against the immigration across the world. While few advanced nations discriminating among the immigrants based on their race, religion, or country, Canada is welcoming the immigrants with open arms, without any discrimination based on origin, race or religion, etc.

This is a huge lesson to learn for many countries in the world. Canada has shown the path to them as a country can grow, prosper, and develop even with accepting the immigrants. Immigrants have played a vital role in the growth and success of Canada, and the government admits the same openly.

Tolerant People and Society

Though, lenient immigration policies of the Canadian government have played a crucial role in welcoming huge number of immigrants in the country, one cannot deny the role of tolerant society and friendly people of Canada. The people also support the governments decision on immigration and help the newcomers in the country to integrate in the community without any discrimination. Government always plays a vital role in immigration intake; however, the acceptance of the same by the citizens makes the decision successful.

Response from the immigrants

The immigrants coming to Canada have responded well to the governments by providing vital contribution in the growth, economy, development, and success of the country. Today, immigrants in Canada are at all important positions. In fact, Canadas new immigration minister Ahmed Hussen is also a former refugee from Somalia.

Canada- the best country for immigrants at now

Today, Canada is undoubtedly the most popular and ideal country for immigrants. Apart from lenient immigration policy, Canadas social security system, high human development index, living standard, infrastructure, etc. also attract a huge number of immigrants. This is the reason that a vast number of people apply for immigration to Canada every year. Canada also has one of the best immigration systems in the world.

It accepts the skilled migrants through point based system, while for other category of immigrants, i.e. family sponsored immigrants, international students, businessmen and investors, tourists, etc. it has got different immigration programs designed. If you also aspire to apply for work visa or permanent residency in Canada, you may get in touch with a genuine and registered Canadian Immigration consultant for complete visa and immigration process assistance.


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