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Quebec Immigration – points stay and family relation

The Stay and Family Relation in Quebec has also been given the priority in the selection system of QSWP. A maximum of 08 points can be allocated to an applicant if he has any stay or Family Relation in Quebec.

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Stay in Quebec
Criteria Points
Full-time study or full-time work for 3 months or more 5 points
Full-time study or full-time work for 6 months or more 5 points
Participant in Working Holiday Visa Program, with work experience for 3 months or more 5 points
Other stay for no less than 2 weeks and not more 3 months 1 points
Other stay exceeding 3 months 2 points
Maximum 5 points


Family in Quebec
Nature of Relationship Points
Spouse 3 points
Son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister 3 points
Grandfather or grandmother 3 points
Uncle or aunt, nephew or niece, cousin 0 points
Maximum 3 points


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