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How Canada Express Entry Works

Express Entry System- an Overview of the most Popular and fast Canadian Immigration Program 2015-16


The Express Entry is an electronic system designed to allow the quality migrants in the country. launched in January, 2015, the Express Entry System at one end won many appreciations for being the most organized system of immigration, on the other end received few criticisms as well for having certain strict regulations that indeed funneled the candidates so narrowly that resulted in the low migration in Canada, i.e. below the proposed target.


How does it work?

The Express Entry System can be divided into a few basic steps:

  • The candidates interested in Canadian immigration and permanent residency, create an online profile on Express Entry system and submit an EOI (Expression of Interest).
  • The IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada) will review the each profile submitted in EE system and accordingly allocate the marks to the candidates based on the parameters, i.e. Education, Language proficiency, skills, work experience, etc.
  • Now the IRCC will launch the Express Entry draw, usually on fortnight basis and set the qualifying marks (CRS Score) for that draw.
  • The Candidates with points equal to or above the qualifying marks for a particular draw will be eligible to receive an ITA (invitation to apply) for the permanent residency visa in Canada.

Do I qualify for Canada Express Entry


Let’s take an overview as to how the Express Entry Draws resulted in the year 2015:


Review & Analysis of Express Entry Draws in 2015

The first Express Entry Draw was launched on 31st January 2015 and you can see in the below graph how the draws progressed till the last draw of the year on 18th December 2015. 


EE Draws from January 31, 2015 to December 18, 2015

Express Entry Draws from January 31-2015 to December 18-2015











  • The CRS Score requirement reduced significantly in 2015: Well, if you look at the initial draws of Express Entry System, they all kept very high CRS Score requirements, i.e. close to 900 points and were usually limited to the individuals with Canadian job offer or provincial nomination. However, as the time went by, there was significant downfall noticed in the CRS Score required by the EE Draws and it got stable around 450 or more.
  • The Tremendous rise in Number of Invitations throughout the year 2015: The number of invitations went just in opposite directions, i.e. started with around 800 and gradually kept increasing throughout the year till it got settled on and around 1500 mark.

How the trends benefited the applicants in 2015?

Both the above trends have been exceptionally positive as far as the Canada immigration applicants are concerned. The low qualifying marks have ensured that the applicants around 450 points or more get the invites for PR. Whereas, the increase in the number of invitations has ensured that maximum number of candidates are invited for PR in Canada.


How Express Entry Draws went about so far in 2016

If we talk about the New Year 2016, the CRS Score requirement remained on the lower side, i.e. close to 450 points most of the time. It certainly gave the chance to the applicants to receive ITA, having low CRS score, close to the same.


The EE Draws from January 6, 2016, to February 24, 2016

Express Entry Draws from January 6-2016 to February 24-2016










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The number of invitations on the other end has been consistently around 1500 mark in the New Year 2016. Hence, we can say that New Year has followed the positive trend for the applicants, which took a start at the end of 2015. If we closely observe the EE trends, the positive trend started towards the end of 2015, and this was the time when the new liberal government took the charge in Canada. The liberals are known for their lenient approach toward the immigrants and refugees. They consider immigrants as the assets for the economy and it indeed is true, if we look at the contribution of immigrants in the Canadian economy and society.


What is expected from the upcoming draws of Express Entry in the year 2016?

The upcoming draws are likely to bring the positive results for you, if you are an applicant for Canada immigration, i.e. the CRS score is likely to remain either stable, or below 450 points, and on the other end, the number of invitations is also expected to be on higher side, i.e. 1500 or beyond. We have got enough reasons to support this statement. First of all, Canada is in desperate need of Skilled Worker, and Express Entry is probably the best and easiest way of inviting candidates for PR, after thorough point-based assessment of the registered candidates, as per Canadian Labour market needs and requirements.

Secondly, there is no PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) or other immigration programs open at now, even the QSWP dates for submitting applications have been postponed until June 2016. Hence, Express Entry is the only source of inviting candidates for PR at this moment.

Apart from this, the liberal government is also committed to achieving its target for immigration by the way of relaxing a few of strict Express Entry regulations. So, overall, it’s nice time to get register in Express Entry, as trends are looking positive.


How to ensure early ITA via Express Entry System?

Well, if you apply in the Express Entry System with the support and assistance from the Visas Avenue Canadian Immigration Advisor and Expert, you are assured of hassle free Express Entry registration on Express Entry. Moreover, the experts at Visas Avenue shall provide you key tips, as to how you can get the early ITA (invitation to apply) via express entry system.

So, if you are determined enough to get Canadian PR in the year 2016, you need to take the first step and call Visas Avenue Immigration Expert at, 011-48447777/ 080-46668222 or you can fill the free assessment form to get a call back from the expert in this regard. You may also direct your queries in this regard to our email id-


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