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Canada Vs America - Which country is better for immigration in 2023

Canada or America for immigration? Well, this debate is on once again, considering the ongoing turn of events.

The USA has been a land of opportunities for decades. However, the paradigm has changed and shifted largely in the last few years. The United States of America is no more the first and only choice for immigration in the 21st century.

Canada has surely slipped in and has become the next favourite immigration destination to live, work, study, or settle permanently. Not just America, Canada ranks high compared to most advanced nations in the world now.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Canada over America

If you are planning to immigrate to a country on a permanent residence visa, Canada is surely ranking right on top.

Canada consistently ranking best in the world to live

Canada ranks as the best country to live and apply for citizenship in the various international best country survey reports. It is right on top of the list for various parameters set for new immigrants, such as education, job opportunities, green living, safety and security, democratic setup, infrastructure, ease of immigration, and so on. Whereas, the ranking of the USA has dropped significantly as the best destination for new immigrants in the last few years.

H1B visa Rules Tightened

The rules and policies concerning the most popular H1B Visa of America have been tightened by the President Trump administration in the last few years. Moreover, the process of getting a Green card or permanent residency through H1b is not easy either. It may take up to a decade for even more to for your green card to approve by the US immigration department.

On the other hand, Canada offers permanent residency status to most of the Canada PR visa applicants, within one year. Hence, there is a huge difference in processing time and the ease of applying as well.

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Work Opportunities

There was a time when the USA was the hot favorite of the top IT companies as well as other global brands of the world. However, because of the strict immigration policies of the USA, the top organization are shifting their base to Canada, where hiring Skilled and talented people from overseas is a lot easier compare to the US. Various Canadian cities in Ontario and outside are in the race of forming next Silicon Valley, i.e. Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and Calgary, etc.

Immigration Policy

The immigration policy of the Trump administration is contrasting to Trudeau's administration. President Donald Trump has announced many Immigration rule changes in the last few years, which are not in the interest of existing as well as the new immigrants in the country. On the contrary, the Canadian government under the Prime Ministership of Justin Trudeau has become the most welcoming country for immigrants and refugees in the last few years.

The liberal government of Canada has made various changes in the last few years to ease the immigration process for the new immigrants as well as their families. In fact, during the Covid-19 pandemic also, Canada has not stopped accepting the new immigration applications and inviting the candidates to apply for permanent residency. This is the reason that most immigration aspirants today wish to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Safe and Peaceful country for Immigrants

This probably is the key concern of many immigration aspirants today. When we talk about being a safe and Peaceful country, Canada is not only ahead of the US it ranks right on top in the list of best countries.  It is a safe and peaceful country for immigrants. The hospitality and welcoming nature of Canadians allows newcomers to gel in society with ease and comfort.

Canada’s record is excellent as a secular, safe, and multicultural nation with negligible cases of intolerance, etc.

Now, if you are wondering how to start the process of immigration to Canada during this Covid-19 pandemic situation, you do not need to be stressed. Visas Avenue is a trusted Visa Advisor and Consultant for Canada.

You can confirm the latest news, update, rule changes, immigration program, and process to immigrate to Canada this year.

To start your process with Visas Avenue, you may call on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or fill the Free Assessment form to get a call back from the expert.

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