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Canada Latest Immigration Rule Changes 2018

If you are planning to apply and obtain Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) in the year 2018, you must know and understand the latest Canada immigration rule changes, which are applicable in 2018. Canadian government has made several changes in the immigration rules in the last few months.

Here are a few key Immigration rule changes implemented by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in last few months, which are going to make key impact on your Canada PR application in 2018.

Latest Canada Immigration Changes applicable in 2018

  • Dependent Child age increased to Under 22

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has now increased the dependent child age to “Under 22” from “Under 19” w.e.f. October 24, 2017. Now an applicant can include children under 22 years of age in his/her Canadian PR application.

  • Conditional Permanent Residence Rule Removed

Canada government has cancelled the Conditional Permanent Rule that used to make some sponsored spouses or partners in Canada to stay with their sponsoring spouse or common law partner for minimum 2 years.

  • New Express Entry Changes applicable in 2018

Federal Express Entry System is the most popular point based immigration system of Canada. Canadian government has made some key changes in express entry immigration rules and requirements w.e.f. June 6, 2017, i.e.

  • French is an official language of Canada along with English. Hence, now the Candidates with strong French language skills can get up to 30 additional CRS points for applying Canada PR via federal Express Entry System.
  • Now the applicants of Canada PR via Express Entry can get 15 additional CRS points if they have siblings in Canada.
  • Now creating an account on Canada Job Bank for Express Entry profile is now voluntary and not compulsory.

Existing Eligibility Requirements to apply Canada PR

Express Entry is the best immigration pathway to obtain permanent residency in Canada. It follows a point based system called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).

Click here to check Express Entry CRS Point Calculator

Below are the eligibility criteria to score well on Canada immigration point calculator or CRS calculator:

  • Age
  • Education Factor
  • Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Spouse or Common Law Partner factor
  • Provincial Nomination

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Age Factor

You can earn maximum immigration points for age between age group 18-35. Although, you can get Canada PR after 35 as well, however, beyond 35 years, your points for age starts decreasing.

Education factor

If you are post graduate, you can secure higher points for your education factor. Higher education than this can earn you even more points.

Language Proficiency

This is the most obvious factor that can help you improve your profile score. You can sit in the language test, such as, IELTS at any point of time and subsequently, can increase your CRS score. The language proficiency level as CLB 8 or more you can earn you higher points for language proficiency.

Work Experience

If you are not in rush, you can wait to add an extra year to your total work experience, which can drastically increase your CRS Score at times. Work experience of 3 years or more can get you good CRS points on express entry system.

Spouse or Common Law Partner factor

You can also earn points for the credentials of your Spouse or Common Law Partner factor. Hence, if have not entered your partner’s credentials, or not improved it for some time, you can consider it as the useful factor in increasing your total CRS score.

Nomination from Canadian province

You can also look to earn massive bonus points through Nomination from a province in Canada. If you are able to get nomination for Canada PR, you can get 600 additional CRS point in express entry, which will almost seal a Canada PR invitation for you from IRCC.

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