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Canada Immigration Processing Time 2020

Canada has emerged as the great immigration destination in last few years with its immigrant friendly policies and visa reforms that made obtaining permanent residency in Canada relatively easy compared to what it was few years back. This is the reason that a huge number of skilled and talented people from all parts of the world are moving to Canada to get the best career opportunities and quality of life.

The individuals planning Canada immigration next year are keen to know about the Canada immigration processing time in 2020. Permanent Residency visa of Canada is largely in demand among the immigration aspirants. Canada PR allows the applicants to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis. Let’s find what the processing time of Canadian PR next year. For an expert advice

Canadian PR Visa Processing time in 2020

Canadian government or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has designed different immigration programs to allocate PR to the applicants. Hence, to know the processing time for Canada immigration, you first need to choose the program you want to apply. Express Entry system is considered the fastest among all permanent residency programs in Canada. Let’s find out as to what will be its processing time next year.

Express Entry System Processing time 2020

Although, Canadian government has taken steps to make the processing time faster internally, however, as far as process and rules are concerned no specific announcement has been made for the year 2020. As it is, express entry is the fastest among all, so it may continue the same way as it is right now.

Immigration to Canada is possible within 6 months

Through Express Entry you may get permanent residency approval as early as in six month. Many applicants with formidable point score and good clean application and documents got their PR visa within six months only. Officially, the IRCC claims to process the Canada PR application within six months, once the applicant has submitted the application after clearing the express entry online process and receiving the Invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada PR. So, the same Canada immigration process will be applicable in 2020 as well.

Processing time for Provincial Nominee Programs in 2020

The provincial nominee programs are the immigration programs of the Canadian provinces through which they select and nominate the skilled and talented overseas professionals for their respective provinces. Every, PNP has its own process and requirements, hence, the processing time cannot be standardized for all.

However, usually it may take up to one year to get your PR visa via provincial nomination. You may find the processing time by visiting the official website of respective PNPs or can explore the website of to find the all the details of processing time, eligibility requirements, documentation, etc. on dedicated web pages given in Canada immigration tab.

Key things that affect Timeline of Canada PR

The above-mentioned timeline is not standard and can be less or more based on certain key factors i.e.

  • Total CRS point score of an applicant
  • CRS score requirement by IRCC
  • Accuracy of submitted application
  • Background verification status
  • Time taken for responding to the immigration office in case a query is asked by the office
  • Hiring a genuine and trusted Immigration Consultant

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