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How to Apply for Tourist/Visitor Visa in Australia from India?

Australia is a wonderful country to visit on a Holiday or to meet your friends and relatives for a short period. Australia is a huge nation (6th largest in the world) that has a lot to offer to the millions of immigrants and tourists coming here every year. The Australian government is investing lot of money to enhance the infrastructure in the country to welcome more and more tourists annually.

Key Tourist Attractions in Australia

If you aspire to visit Australia as a tourist, you will have plenty of things and tourist attractions to explore in the Kangaroo Land, i.e.

Beautiful Beaches- Australia is known for its marvelous sandy beaches in the world and outstanding coastal beauty, where you can enjoy the coastal drive, Surfing, Beach house stay, Coastal touring, and so on.

Explore Landscape and Wildlife- In Australia, you will get a chance to explore one of the best locations, i.e. landscapes, National parks, rain forests, animals in their natural habitat, Snowcapped Mountains, and several other world heritage locations.

Cousins and Nightlife- You can enjoy one of the best cuisines and wines in the world in Australia. The nightlife of Australia is vibrant and exceptional.

Opera House (Sydney) – Opera house in Sydney is the iconic attribute of Australia as a finest tourist destination. However, Sydney is not just about Opera House, it’s an incredible place to be at with key attractions, i.e. Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, etc.

However, to visit or tour Australia, you need to apply for the most appropriate visa.

Which is the right Visa to apply to move to Australia as tourist?

Well, to visit Australia as tourist, you can apply for Visitor Visa Subclass 600. This visa allows you to travel to Australia

  • On a trip or holiday
  • To meet your family or relatives
  • For a business meeting or activities

Duration and Charges of Visitor Visa Subclass 600

This visa is valid for up to 3, 6 or 12 months. The visa application fees for this visa range from AUD135 to AUD1000. The processing time for this visa range from 48 hours to one month.

Eligibility Requirement for Subclass 600 Visa

To obtain Visitor Visa Subclass 600 visa, you require,

  • Meeting health and character parameters
  • Having sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia
  • Showing that you intend to do the activities in the Tourist stream

Moreover, you need to convince the immigration officer that you are traveling to Australia as a tourist or genuine visitor for tourism, leisure or to meet your friends or relatives. You also need to be outside Australia when this visa is granted. You may also require showing 12-month health insurance cover.

If are planning to come to Australia to meet your family, the authorities will tell you whether you require sponsorship from a family member or a security bond to apply for visa.

How we can Help?

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