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Transit (C) Visa

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Transit visa is a non-immigrant visa which is required to transit through the United States enroute to another country, with few exceptions.

If you already have B visa or a member of the visa waiver program of participating countries then you need not to apply for transit visa.

Travel purposes for Transit visa can be:-

  • A foreign national staying for a very short period in USA and only reason for staying is to transit to some other country.
  • A foreign employee on a cruise ship or any other vessel who starts from one country ,heading towards another country other than US but makes port in the United States with no intention of landing in the United States.
  • A crewmember traveling to the United States as a passenger to join a ship or aircraft you will work on, providing services for operation. You will also need a crewmember D visa, most often issued as a combination C-1/D visa. Learn more about Crewmember visas
  • A foreign citizen proceeding in immediate and continuous transit through the United States to or from the United Nations Headquarters District, under provisions of the Headquarters agreement with the United Nations, requires a diplomatic transit (C-2) visa


Government Fees and Processing Times

Application Fee           US$160

Partner Application Fee          N/A

Dependents Application Fee  N/A


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