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TN Visa USA for Canadian and Mexican Professional Workers

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TN Visa is a resultant of The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the United States, Canada, and Mexico designed for the citizens of Mexico and Canada to work temporarily in USA in specialized and professional occupations that require minimum qualifications or alternative credentials. Self-employment is not permitted on a TN visa.


Eligibility for NAFTA Professional (TN) Visa:-

To be eligible the aspirant should:-

  • Be a Mexican or Canadian Citizen.
  • Have a job offer in professional occupation.
  • Have Profession is on the NAFTA list.
  • Applicant should work full time or part time with any employer. Self-employment is not permitted on a TN visa.
  • Applicant should meet the minimum qualification and experience of the profession.

Note:-Canadian Citizens do not require to apply for NAFTA Professional visa unless they live in third country with their non-Canadian spouse and children of 21 years and less who want to apply the same time as the family to let them apply derivative visa TD.

Government Fees and Processing Times

Application Fee                           US$160

Partner Application Fee          US$160

Dependents Application Fee  US$160

Processing Time                        1 day – 3 months



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