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Specialists are experts in a specified area of knowledge and skills who want to exchange their ideas on these with American nationals.

To be eligible as a specialist one must:-

  • Be experts in a field of specialized knowledge or skill;
  • Seek to travel to USA for the purpose of knowledge interchange among foreign and American specialists by observing, consulting or demonstrating their special knowledge or skills.
  • Not involve in any long term or permanent job role while in USA.

To be eligible as sponsor you should:-

  • Evaluate the qualifications of foreign nationals to determine whether they meet the definition of specialist as set forth in 22 CFR.
  • Provide the participant with the information on the length and locations of his or her exchange visitor program, summary of the significant components of the program and a written statement clearly stating the stipend, if any, to be paid to the specialist.


Participants experience an interchange of knowledge and skills among foreign and American specialists who are defined as experts in a field of specialized knowledge.


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