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International Organization (G) and NATO Visa

International Organization (G) and NATO visas are issued to diplomats and other government officials for travel to the United States (U.S.). With the exception of a Head of State or Government who qualifies for an A visa regardless of the purpose of his or her visit to the U.S., the type of visa required by a diplomat or other government official depends upon their purpose of travel to the U.S.

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International Organizations

Applicants must meet specific requirements to qualify for an Employee of International Organization (G) visa under immigration law. The consular officer will determine whether you qualify for the visa

G1:-Permanent mission members of a recognized government to a designated international organization are eligible for a G-1 visa

G2:-Representatives of a recognized government traveling to the U.S. temporarily to attend meetings of a designated international organization are eligible for G-2 visas.

G3:-Representatives of non-recognized or non-member governments are eligible for G-3 visas

G4:-Individuals who are proceeding to the U.S. to take up an appointment at a designated international organization, including the United Nations are eligible for G-4 visas.

Separate visas can be applied respectively for dependent family members and personal employees (attendants, domestic workers, or servants of individuals) if they meet the specific qualifying criteria.


  • People under this category are usually exempt of the visa fee.

Processing Time

  • Processing time varies from the country of application and the number of applications in queue.

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