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Camp Counselor Program is a J exchange Visa program designed for the post-secondary students, youth or teachers to share their cultural ideas with the people in United States in a camp setting.

To be eligible to apply as a camp counselor the applicant must be:-

  1. Proficient in English Language so that they can supervise, counsel or interact with American population.
  2. Post-secondary students, youth or teachers who specialize in certain skills
  3. At least 18 years old.

To be eligible as sponsor the sponsor must:-

  1. Take a personal interview before providing sponsorship.
  2. Secure references that demonstrate that person is fit for the role.
  3. Have the required health and insurance cover
  4. Provide the pre departure information regarding the information on their duties and responsibilities as a camp counsellor, contractual obligations relative to accepting a camp counsellor position and information on financial compensation.
  5. Maintain SEVIS records
  6. Provide their 24×7 contact details
  7. Monitor the participants throughout their camp and provide assistance if required.
  8. Provide the Department of State’s toll-free emergency hotline telephone number to all participants.

To be eligible as employer the employer must:-

  1. Provide salary and benefits in equivalence with the other US nationals.
  2. Ensure that program participants do not serve as “staff” — including (but not limited to) administrative personnel, cooks or menial labourers such as dishwashers or janitors


Applicants get salary and benefits in equivalence with the other US nationals.


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