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Uk Work Visa

Fifth-largest economy in the world, service sector of United Kingdom makes up around 73% of GDP, Industrial Revolution started in the UK, Offers excellent pension Schemes, awards and benefits to the overseas workers


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U.K is one of the most popular immigration destination because of it multicultural environment, world class education system and excellent pay wages drift thousands of people to enter and work in UK every year.
Work permit does not require the applicant to fall or qualify on the point based system and therefore is not a route to permanent settlement; however it would allow you to settle down as a citizen after meeting certain conditions. The visionary leadership, transparent Government Policies, and trouble-free visa immigration procedures, makes the life easy for the overseas workers, looking to make their career in UK.

Why UK is one of the best places to work?

  • The United Kingdom is the fifth-largest economy in the world and the second-largest in Europe after Germany.
  • First, the Industrial Revolution started in the UK with an early attentiveness on the textile industry.
  • The UK offers ideal working environment, facilities for overseas workers, i.e. diverse communities, cultures, friendly people to interact with reasonable accommodation arrangements.
  • The automotive industry is a major part of the UK manufacturing sector and employs over 800,000 individuals with a huge turnover as well.
  • The UK aerospace industry is the third-largest nationalized aerospace industry in the world
  • The service sector of United Kingdom makes up around 73% of GDP.
  • At the end of 2014, the growth of United Kingdom was the fastest in the G7, and the fastest in Europe.
  • There are tremendous facilities, defined laws, and an excellent working environment for the foreign and national workers in UK.
  • Britain offers excellent pension Schemes, awards and benefits to the overseas and national workers.

What are the Various Working Visa Categories?

Government of United Kingdom wants people applying for Working Visa to enter and work legally in UK. Therefore it is very essential to know out of various working visa categories, which to choose that fits best with your eligibility and requirement. Work permit categories are as follows:-


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