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UK Permanent Residency

World’s fifth-largest economy, World’s largest financial center, a high-income economy, Residency holders do have access to public funds, Great facilities advanced technology, great political and social structure

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The United Kingdom is one of the most advanced and powerful nations of the world. It ranks top in the various criteria or parameters of human development, higher per capita income, strong economy, industries, military power, etc. UK has influenced the world in many spheres of political, industrial, and social aspects as a Nation. With all the facilities advanced technology, great political and social structure, etc. United Kingdom attracts and invites millions of immigrants to the Great Britain. UK Permanent Residency allows immigrants across the world to enter and settle in UK permanently and enjoy the rights and privileges in the country without being its citizen.

Why UK attracts the worldwide immigrants?

  • The United Kingdom is world’s fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP
  • The UK is considered to have a high-income economy
  • It has been the favorite immigration destination for worldwide immigrants and hence, experienced many successful immigration waves.
  • The UK is world’s largest financial center.
  • It is the home to diverse communities, cultures and traditions.
  • The United Kingdom is world’s first industrialized country
  • UK is permanent member of UNO and it also member of many other recognized international organizations, i.e. WTO, NATO, G7, G8, G20
  • It ranks very high in Human Development Index.
  • The United Kingdom has 9 universities included in the Times Higher Education top 100 rankings

Benefits of permanent residency

  • Residency holders do have access to public funds.
  • If you have a right to live the in the UK, your family may join you here.
  • Gives the freedom to live and work in the UK without any restriction.
  • ILR holders also pay Home Student (i.e. UK citizens) rates on educational institutions in UK.

Who can apply for ILR?

A person who has lived in the UK for 5 years with a visa issued in one of the following categories can apply for ILR.

People can also get Permanent Residency directly if they are family member or partner of British Citizen or asylum seekers (

If you are a child (under the age of 18) and a relative of a person with limited leave to enter or remain in the UK as a refugee or beneficiary of humanitarian protection, you can apply for permission to remain in the UK (known as ‘leave to remain’).)

How to Take the First Step for UK ILR

Apart from the above guidelines and procedures, there are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually apply for the Visa under a particular category. As an incomplete application or the application missing any procedural facts or documents, may lead to rejection and you may lose your quality time and effort due to the process delay.

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