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Top 5 Countries to get Permanent Residency in 2019

Are you confused thinking about right country to immigrate to in 2019? Well, the confusion is obvious when you look around and see the changed immigration paradigm in last one decade. The countries, which used to be the magnet for the immigrants are not so welcoming in the modern era.

On the other hand, some new nations have emerged the immigration paradise for the immigrants. Hence, in these changed circumstances, you must consider latest list of top 5 immigrationdestinations in the world and not the traditionally good countries for immigration and permanent residency.

How to select a country for immigration under changed circumstances?

As already mentioned, the immigration scenario has changed a lot in last one decade. And with this changed scenario, you approach also should change to select a country for immigration.

Earlier, the immigration aspirants just used to go for the Top immigration destinations in the world to move to, however, now, with changed paradigm, you also need to check how welcoming a country is or how easy is its permanent residency or citizenship process.Considering all these factors, here is the latest list of top 5 countries to get permanent residency in 2019.

  1. Canada

Canada deserves to be at No.1 position for multiple reasons. In 2019, best country survey by US News and World Report Canada ranks as the best country in the world based on Quality of Life parameter. It’s also the 2nd best country in the world for Citizenship and 3rd based for the education parameter.It’s not only the top country for immigrants, but also most lenient nation in terms of immigration policy and procedures. For last few years, Canada, on an average is inviting more than 300,000 immigrants per year.

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Also, as per the Canada’s Multiyear immigration plan it will accept more than 1 million people as permanent residents by 2021.It has fastest online and point based express entry system, which allow the interested candidates to apply for permanent residency in Canada and process the application through it within 6 months. Hence, if you are thinking of Immigration, Canada is certainly a country to consider in 2019.

  • Australia

Australia is the next best country to move to and get permanent residency this year. In the best country list of 2019, Australia is 3rd best country in the world for comfortable retirement.It clearly indicates, how a good a country it is to settle with family. Australia is also 7thbest country for quality of life and 8th best in the world for citizenship.Despite some restrictive steps, Australia is still among the top countries to live, work and settle permanently.

Recently, Australia has announced key changes in its point system w.e.f. November 16, 2019. As per the changes, now the applicants will be able to get points for having no spouse or having a skilled spouse as well.Hence, the new changes will make it easier for the applicants to get PR invitation.

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  • New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. In the best country survey 2019, New Zealand is No.1 country in the world for Comfortable retirement. The NZ also ranks at No. 9 position for Quality of life, Citizenship and for Women.

Like Canada and Australia, the immigration rate of New Zealand is also significant as it also need the skilled workers in the country to meet the skill shortage across its various state and territories. New Zealand has traditionally been the most peaceful country in the world with low crime rate, and after the recent terror incident the security arrangement in the country are now stricter to make the country safe and peaceful for all.

  • USA

The United States of America remained top choice of immigrants for decades. However, after the changed immigration scenario in last few years, the USA has started controlling the number of immigrants into the country by implementing various restrictions.

Having said that the immigration rate of United States is still significant. People do immigrate to USA for bright career opportunity and high standards of living, however, obtaining US green card is not easy these days.

  • United Kingdom

Like US, United Kingdom was also the favourite immigration destination of the skilled and talented people in Asia and other parts of the globe. However, after the Brexit and restraining immigration policies of UK, the immigration rate has decreased here for obvious reasons.

However, in terms of available opportunities, quality of live, and infrastructure, it is still one of the best places in the world to live, work and get settled with family on a permanent bases.

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