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South Africa Temporary Visa

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Seventh highest per capita income in the world, Economy second highest in Africa and 34th highest in the world, Multiethnic and multicultural society, hotspot tourist destination, Industries facing the skill shortage and hence, offering job opportunities for skilled overseas workers.


South Africa is a culturally diverse nation that welcomes the huge number of immigrants every year from all parts of the world. South Africa is a home to the people of various cultures, religions, and customs. It is quite evident from the fact that its constitution gives the recognition to 11 official languages. It has the second largest economy in Africa and hence, provides tremendous employment opportunities to the national as well as to the overseas workers. This is why it is one of the popular immigration destinations in the world.

How it is to be in South Africa?

  • South Africa has the Seventh highest per capita income in the world
  • Economy second highest in Africa and 34th highest in the world.
  • SA is ranked as the upper middle income economy by world bank
  • South Africa is Multiethnic and multicultural society that welcomes the individuals from different religion, custom, and culture.
  • In year 2013 SA was ranked as the top African country of the future by FDI magazine based on its economic potential cost effectiveness and infrastructure, labour business friendliness and FDI Strategy.
  • South Africa is also a hotspot tourist destination and significant amount of SA income comes from the tourism industry.
  • SA is considered to be a newly industrialized country, which is facing the skill shortage to a great extent and hence, it offers vast job opportunities in various sectors for national and overseas skilled workers.

How to Apply for SA visa?

A foreigner, who intends to conduct work in the Republic of South Africa and who falls within the specific professional category or within a specific occupational class determined by the Minister of Department of Home Affairs at least annually, may be issued with a quota work permit, provided that the number of work permits so issued does not exceed the predetermined quota.



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