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Germany Job Seeker Visa Documents and Eligibility Requirement

Note – Visas Avenue does not provide any advice, assistance or support for obtaining a Germany job seeker visa. Visas Avenue only provides documentation assistance for different visa categories. This page is for information purpose only.

Germany is one of the most advanced, thriving, and powerful countries in the Europe and the world. It’s also the most ideal immigration destination for the skilled workers and students across the globe. Its low unemployment rate, social security benefits, ideal working conditions, and high paying professions attract vast number of skilled workers and professionals across the world to apply for visa in Germany.

Germany also need skilled and talented people for it fast growing industries and organization, which usually pay high wages to their worker. However, which is the right visa to apply for immigration to Germany?

This is one question that confuses most of the aspirants of Immigration to Germany. If you are skilled worker looking for quick entry in this incredible European nation, then Germany Job Seeker Visa is the best option for you.

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job seeker Visa is a long term residence permit that allows you to move to Germany and look for a suitable work for yourself. This visa is valid for six months. Hence, you must find a suitable work for yourself within this period.

However, the key thing to remember here is Germany Job Seeker Visa doesn’t permit you to work straightaway in Germany; rather, it is only designed to enable overseas workers to search suitable work for themselves within the validity period of Visa, i.e. 6 months.

Once you find suitable work opportunity, you need to convert this visa into residence permit in Germany to live and work in Germany as an immigrant.

Eligibility Requirement of Germany Job Seeker visa

To become eligible to apply for Germany Job Seeker visa, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • You need to have a Bachelor of Master’s Degree equivalent to German University Degree
  • You must have at least 5 years of experience in your field of study
  • Need to show proof of enough funds to support your stay in Germany
  • You must get the medical insurance for your stay in Germany till the time you get your work Permit or for the complete period.

If you meet all the above mentioned conditions, you are eligible to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa.

Documents Required for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, next step is to gather the required documents to support your application for visa. The supporting documents assure the immigration officers that you meet the criteria of Germany Job Seeker Visa. Hence, you must attach accurate and complete set of required documents along with your application to boost your chances of selection for this visa.

The documents needed along with your Germany Job Seeker Visa application are as follows:

  • A valid passport (issued in the last 10 years and valid for minimum12 months after your scheduled return)
  • An A4 Size copy of your passport’s data page
  • 3 Passport Size Pictures as per the biometric specifications
  • A cover letter explaining the objective of your visit to, how you plan to find a work, period of stay in Germany, as well as further career options in case you cannot find employment.
  • Proof of Educational qualification (Degree from Germany University or an equivalent degree) along with certificates of past work experience
  • Your Resume (Including complete details about education and work experience)
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany (i.e. your plan of stay in Germany, i.e. with friends, relatives, etc.)
  • Proof of Financial resources/funds to support your stay in Germany. You can provide any of the below documents, i.e.
  • A bank account statement which proves that you can finance/support your stay in Germany
  • Obligation letter from a sponsor in Germany (if any)
  • Provide documents as personal status proof in your home country, i.e. birth certificate (of self, wife, children, etc.), marriage certificate, Aadhar Card, etc. (with English translation)
  • Health Insurance proof

You require making two sets of all the above mentioned documents. However, just submitting the documents doesn’t guarantee the approval of Germany Job seeker Visa. The immigration office must find your documents and reason for visit, etc. satisfactory to approve your visa application.

After you submit the Application and Documents

The final decision on your visa application lies with the immigration office (application center) only. Once you submit all the documents, your interview with the immigration officer will be scheduled. Hence, approval of your Germany Job Seeker visa will depend entirely on your submitted application form, documents, background check, and interview.


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