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Antigua and Barbuda a Peaceful Place for Citizenship by Investment

Looking for a Peaceful Place for Citizenship by Investment? – Choose Antigua and Barbuda- the most Beautiful Caribbean Country

If you are looking to get the citizenship in one of the most beautiful, tranquil and outstanding place in the Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda is the country for you to settle. It’s a wonderful English speaking Caribbean country that offers citizenship to the worldwide immigrants through its straightforward and uncomplicated Citizenship by Investment Program. Let’s first get a short introduction to this incredible Caribbean nation.

A Short Introduction to the Beautiful Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign commonwealth state located in the Eastern Caribbean. It’s a wonderful country combining the islands of Antigua and Barbuda with the total area of 440.3 sq km. Its capital is St. John’s and English is the official language being spoken in this Caribbean nation. As far as the government structure is concerned, Antigua and Barbuda is a Constitutional Monarchy that follows Parliamentary system (based on British Parliament System).

Why you must Choose Antigua and Barbuda to get settled?

It’s one of the most beautiful places on planet with mesmerizing beaches. It can be easily called the country of beeches with its 365 incredible beaches that attract several tourists here every year. Apart from this, tranquil environment, lush green tropical islands, blue crystal clean water, low population, it all provides exceptional settings to live here peacefully.

What are the benefits of getting Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Reasonable investment amount and processing fee
  • You can enjoy the visa-free travel to 131 countries on Antigua and Barbuda passport, i.e. UK, Honk Kong, Canada, Singapore, and European Union, etc.
  • Fast immigration process (i.e. within 3 to 6 months)
  • No Educational Qualification, Management experience, etc. required
  • Can include family members in the program with no additional investment requirement (only processing fee will be applicable)
  • The child dependents up to 26 years and parents and grandparents above 65 years can be considered for the program. 

Key Requirements of the Citizenship by Immigration Program

Well, as it’s the investment program, hence to get the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, you need to fulfill the investment requirements. However, below are the general requirements for getting the citizenship of this outstanding Caribbean country. To get the citizenship you must:

  • Be in good health
  • Be of excellent character;
  • Not have any criminal record;
  • Have a high personal net worth;
  • Be stay in the country for at least 35 days within 5 year’s period

Citizenship by Investment Categories

The citizenship by investment program is aimed to enhance the socioeconomic growth and development of the country. It has target to invite and attract the FDI (foreign direct investment) in the country and subsequently boost the infrastructure and economy of the country. Below are the three main categories of Citizenship by Investment Program.

You can choose any of the below options to become eligible for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

  • Investment in NDF (National Development Fund)

It’s basically a charitable investment, wherein, you can make contribution of minimum US$200,000 in the National Development Fund (NDF). It will be a non-refundable amount.

  • Real Estate Investment

You would require making an investment of minimum US$400,000 in any of the permitted real estate projects and it is required to be apprehended for at least of 5 years. The two applicants can mutually apply for the citizenship by investment program; however, each applicant would require making a separate investment of at least US$400,000.

  • Invest in Business

Under this category of investment, you can invest at least US$1,500,000 into an adequate business as only investor. A joint investment can also be made including minimum 2 individuals, in an approved business with a total investment amount of at least US$5,000,000, wherein each person separately need investing minimum US$400,000.

The visa and processing fee is not included in the above investment amount, which will chargeable to the applicant as well as to all the dependents.

How to Apply for Citizenship by Immigration Program (CIP)?

Well, if you wish to apply for the citizenship of beautiful Antigua and Barbuda via Citizenship by Immigration Program you would require contacting the local authorized representative of CIP. The representative will guide you through the whole program, make brief you about the application procedure and subsequently will support you in gathering documents and getting your application ready for the program.

Where to start?

We at Visas Avenue are the authorized representatives of the CIP. To start the procedure for the Citizenship by Immigration Program, all you need to do is call the CIP expert at, 011-48447777, 080-46668222. Alternatively, you can drop a mail to us at




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