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Year 2017 will be Significant for Canada Immigration- Get Your File Prepared now to apply first

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 08, Nov 2016

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Willing to move to Canada since long?

Well, if you are really willing to live and work in Canada, the year 2017 is going to bring you the outstanding opportunity for the same. As per the 2017 immigration target announced by the government earlier this week, immigration to Canada is going to be quite significant next year.

Why 2017 will be significant in terms of Immigration to Canada?

As per the latest immigration plan 2017 announced by the Canadian immigration minister John McCallum, Canada to welcome 300,000 immigrants next year. This number is staggering in view of the rising negative emotions against immigration, across various advanced countries of the world. Canada is known for its soft immigration policies, and such incredible immigration plan will certainly please the Canada immigration aspirants across the globe.

Why you must plan Canada immigration next year?

If you wish to immigrate to Canada, year 2017 is going to be the key year for you for various reasons. We have already discussed about huge number of immigrants going to immigrate to Canada next year, however, the thing that might please you as a skilled immigration aspirant is that Canada has increased its target for economic immigration. It means that more number of skilled migrants will be invited next year by the Canada.

Canada has reduced its refugee intake and consequently, the number of candidates to be invited under skilled migration got increased. As per the new immigration target, the economic immigration has been increased to 1, 72,500 with the increase of 7.41% compared to target of 2016 when government planned to welcome 160,600 economic immigrants.

Get your file ready now to apply for Canada immigration next year

As they say, well begun is half done, to avail the key opportunity of Canada immigration in the year 2017, you must get your immigration file ready now. You may coordinate with a reliable and registered Canada immigration consultancy service now to get all the key preparation done under the migration expert, i.e. arranging essential documents, understanding the key immigration programs, creating the online profile and interpreting the guidelines with regards to point based immigration system and visa process of Canada. The advanced preparation is essential in view of huge competition for Canadian visa. Every year, thousands of Canada immigration aspirants apply for Canadian visa, and to survive the competition and get selected for Canadian visa, you not only need to be well equipped, but also apply first in the relevant immigration program.

How Visas Avenue help you prepare and apply for Canada immigration and visa?

Visas Avenue is the registered Visa Consultancy Service for Canada with years of experience in key Canada immigration programs, i.e. Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), etc.

It helps the candidates in Canadian immigration process from start till approval of visa for Canada. If you want to discuss your eligibility or prepare your file for Canada immigration in the year 2017, call the visa and immigration expert at Visas Avenue now on contact nos. 011-48447777, 011-46194650, (Delhi), 040-42467777 (Hyderabad), or 080-46668222 (Bangalore). You may also send your immigration related queries to the expert at Visas Avenue email id-


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