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What is the Right CRS Score as per the Express Entry draw trends in 2016?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 12, Oct 2016

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What would be the right Express entry CRS score as per the existing trends?

If you are an express entry applicant or planning to create account on express entry for Canada immigration, you must be trying to figure out the answer of this question.

Well, we have to explore the current trends and upcoming events with regards to express entry in order to find the answer of this question.

Express Entry draw trends in 2016

The launch of Express Entry system last year was one of the key reasons of huge immigration influx in Canada last year. This year also express entry started well in terms of inviting more and more candidates. However, after the first quarter the qualifying marks started increasing and as a consequence, number of PR invitations via express entry kept falling. Let’s analyze the EE draws in 2016 month wise manner to understand the trends better way.

EE Draws in January 2016

The month of January, 2016 was the most significant month for express entry. There were three draws took place in this month with very low qualifying marks (i.e. around 455 points on average) and high number of PR invitations, i.e. close to 1500 mark.

EE Draws in February 2016

The Express Entry draw trends remained somewhat similar in the month of February 2016 as well.

EE Draws in March, 2016

It was the month of March, 2016 when the qualifying marks started increasing and that’s when we first saw the falling trend in the number of invitations as well.

EE Draws in April, 2016

In the month of April, first time the number of invites dropped below 1000 mark, it was the result of constant increase in qualifying marks (i.e. 470 and 468 respectively in both EE Draws)

EE Draws in May, 2016

The month of May broke all records of year 2016 and CRS Score requirement or qualifying marks rocketed up to 534 points. As a result, the number of invites too dropped drastically beyond the 800 mark.

EE Draws from June 2016 to August 2016

The EE draws followed the similar trend from June 2016 to August 2016, i.e. qualifying marks were hovering around 480-490, while number of invitations remained around the 750 mark most of the time.

EE Draws in September, 2016

The month of September brought some respite for the visa applicants as the falling trend is noticed in the qualifying marks and rise in the number of invites noticed.

Expectations from upcoming draws of express entry

As the year 2016 has entered in to last quarter, the IRCC (immigration refugee and citizenship Canada) must be thinking of achieving their annual immigration target. The qualifying marks in the last express entry draw that opened on September 21, 2016 were dropped to 483 points, which gives an indication that IRCC may be thinking of inviting more candidates in the last quarter of 2016.

What would be the ideal CRS Score in the last quarter of 2016?

Though it is hard to predict the precise EE score, however, in view of the visible falling trend in qualifying marks, the applicants with CRS score 460-480 can fancy their chances in the last quarter.

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