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Western Australia to reduce the Skilled Occupations Available for Foreign Workers

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 29, Mar 2017

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Western Australia- A key Australian state is likely to cut the skilled occupations through which foreign workers, looking to work in WA (Western Australia), apply for relevant visa. At now the Occupation list of WA is closed for the assessment. The Premier of WA Mark McGrowan is looking to limit the number skilled occupations for overseas skilled workers.

Request for Eliminating Perth from RSMS

The Premier of WA has requested Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Oz to eliminate the Perth a key city in WA from the RSMS (Regional Skilled Migration Scheme). The RSMS provides the path to skilled workers from foreign countries to obtain the Permanent Residency in Australia.

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As per the RSMS, if an overseas skilled worker or applicant has been sponsored a job by his/her Australian employer, the applicant becomes eligible to get the PR in Australia. In the last financial year about five thousand people got the Australian PR via this scheme.

A Few Key Occupations to be removed

McGowan the Western Australian Premier has reiterated the fact that present list of occupations for which the state of Western Australia require overseas skilled workers, will be reviewed and a reduction of a few occupations will be done. The WA Occupation list has not been updated since year 2017.

The key occupations that are likely to be removed are, Nurses, Electricians, Engineers, Mechanics, bricklayers, etc.

The occupations to sustain

There are a few occupations, which the state of Western Australia needs in the list, i.e. Hematologists, healthcare providers (doctors), Pastry chefs, etc. However, a few other occupations will get removed from the list. As per McGrowan, the occupation list require to me more realistic, as thousands of individuals in the Western Australia have no work.

Hence, the idea is to offer the job opportunities in the state to the Western Australian first, he mentioned.

Canada also has a System in Place to ensure locals get the job first

Australia and Canada have several immigration procedures and policies in common. First and foremost is the point based immigration system of both the countries that assesses the foreign skilled workers based on their key profile factors, i.e. age, work experience, education, language proficiency, etc.

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In Canada, the employers offering jobs to overseas skilled workers need to obtain LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approval or certification. The LMIA approval ensures that no Canadian worker was available to do the job that is being offered to a foreign worker. The employers need to ensure that Canadians are given priority whenever there is a job vacancy is open.

Wish to apply for a job in Australia or Canada?

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