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WES is processing the ECA Documents Digitally as well as physically

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 14, May 2020

visas default image The World Education Service (WES) continues to process the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) documents and digital credential evaluations remotely. The WES team is evaluating all the files to find out if it requires any document to process your application.

At now, most of the WES staff are working from home, while a small team is making certain that physical documents are handled properly and securely. The applicants require credential evaluation need to create an online account for the same.

Process for Electronic File Transmission

The WES is coordinating with the institutions across the globe to ensure the secure electronic transmission of files. So, if you want your university or institution, from which you got your qualification to submit your documents to World Education Service, electronically, you need to ask them to contact WES and choose the "Other" category on the contact form.

Subsequently, the WES will communicate with your institution to find out the possibilities for digital document transmission. Moreover, the mail processing option of ECA is also open at WES.

Mail Processing of ECA

The WES has now resumed the receiving of the mail at their respective offices. At now, they are processing mail received in the Toronto (Canada) office and they will start processing U.S. mail in a few days. Presently, the World Education Service is working to improve its capability to process mail faster.

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